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  1. Bump. I stumbled apon her old Chanel 5 commercials. I don't think I have ever seen her sexier than that.
  2. Boriken

    Emma Stone

    I love redheads, and she is very beautiful. But where is the bio, and in what shows and movies has she been in?
  3. Angela Sarafyan is a young actress who is most well known for her appearance in a Cingular Cell Phone commercial, so she's often referred to as the "Cingular Umbrella Girl". Angela was born in 1983 and is currently single. One of her earliest roles was on the TV series Judging Amy (2000). She then went on to do guest roles on series such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002), The Shield (2004), The Division (2004), 24 (2006), and recently CSI:NY (2006). For 2007, Angela guest starred in an episode of Cold Case. Also for 2007, she was involved in two feature film productions: On The Doll, and Kabluey (with Lisa Kudrow and Teri Garr), and A Beautiful Life with Dana Delany and Debi Mazar. In 2008, Angela worked on a film with Billy Bob Thornton called The Informers, and will be appearing in a recurring role in a new USA Network series In Plain Sight. She is probably best recognized as the Cingular Umbrella Girl. Here is the video. Cingular Umbrella Girl
  4. *Warning*Nudity* Nicole Lenz Skins.be Forum Unofficial Nicole Lenz Fan Site ****Pay close attention to that Fansite! Its got alot of great pics I didn't put up. ***
  5. Destopia Nicole Lenz Wallpapers FHM Australia Pictures
  6. Ok, so I felt there were too few pictures here of a girl this hot so I searched the net and found some great pics... It took alot of time to sift through the skanky pics and websites obsessed with some alleged sex tape with Paris Hilton so I hope you appreciate this! I will post the best pics and the websites I got them from, so you can see the rest for yourselves. Nicole Lenz Bikini Shoot Nicole Lenz Pictures
  7. So now that the issue has calmed a bit, can one ask when admin here will unlock her original model Thread?
  8. Krystal Meyers Wallpapers. And a Banner.
  9. Well, from what I can tell she is a pretty girl. But, as it has been said many times before, big lips and dark hair and bright eyes does not automaticaly make you look like Adriana. And I think she knows it. That may be why all the pictures are such close close-ups.
  10. A pic of a Brunette Ruslana (Wish it was bigger). And the site I got it from.
  11. I had almost forgotten this song existed, but when I heard it by coincidence today I thought of Ruslana. Allow me to tell you a bit about it before you give it a listen It was a song written for the 3rd installment of the "Lord of the Rings" movie. During production, the senior editor died. The producers then had Annie Lennox write this funeral song. The song was written in theme with the mythology of the Lord of the Rings. In the Lord of the Rings, the place where the dead go is an actual place on the map known to be across the seas West of Middle-Earth. So to go "Into the West" is to go to the Paradise. If you listen to the words I think you'll agree it's a beautiful song. Maybe someday someone with talent will use this song and make a video just for Ruslana. In the meantime, this one is for you, Ruslana. P.S.-The song ends around 4:35, but there are some added instrumentals.
  12. Anyone else notice we are getting two conflicting stories? Her mother says that she was not the sort of person to commit suicide and some other source states that she tried to commit suicide 5 times before? If she tried to commit suicide 5 times wouldn't her mother have known? WHo is the source saying she tried to kill herself before? I am inclined to believe that source is telling lies. While I do believe that Ruslana probably took her own life, I do also believe that it was a moment of weakness and madness. Everyone who was close to her, friends an her mother, are completely surprised by the incident. Why would anyone say otherwise and claim it was not the first time? Something is off with that part of the story.
  13. To repeat the opinion of many here...I don't usually like that Playboy Bunny type, but Nicole is the exception.
  14. This is the first time I have looked in this thread. She truly was very beautiful. God be with her.
  15. Soho Hotel Photoshoot, June 2008 Soho Hotel Photoshoot
  16. I am not sure about her new style. I am not a fan of girls wearing TONS of make-up.
  17. Boriken

    April Bowlby

    I like her WAY better as a red-head.
  18. Discovered another website with many pics. Enjoy! Caspian and Susan
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