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  1. British Vogue December issue Scanned by me
  2. OMG, I feel like celebrating atm because these new Coco pics are SO STUNNING!!! She is really growing up now, the new pics are showing me the more womanly side of her..Oh Coco, I love you as a model, you are simply so fantastic!
  3. Lol, Rob is good to look at, I am not going to lie. I met him once 2 years ago and it was pretty damn cool, he was quite nice and I got his autograph for my friend's 18th birthday present. The dialogue I had with him was rather interesting....:brows:
  4. The latest album, compared to the last one, seems more commercial, but I still like it though :) Omg, you must be so excited to see them! I am really excited too, woohoo, I still can't believe they are performing on my actual birthday!

  5. Oh yeah, that is what sucks about Uni. But thankfully my course isn't entirely an essay-based one I hate referencing SO SO MUCH.
  6. Wooohoo, welcome Andraya to Bellazon and cookies for you for being part of the Mathias thread
  7. @ Solo: Lol, I am pretty stressed with work, essays and assignments are not my friends at all So how is life in London?? @Christy: the weather situation here in Manchester is pretty much the same: rain. And it's so gloomy here too. I had a bit of an off day, I was feeling kinda blue and meeeehhhh in general. I went to work in the library at around half past five in the afternoon and didn't leave until ten, and by the time I had my dinner it was already 12 I am trying not to be stressed
  8. Munichmarty, those pics are hilarious!! LOL, made me laugh a little
  9. Oh I know, and so much for not wanting to know Danny, looks like Danny himself is having the last laugh. Well, looks like his dad is bringing light to Danny, as a person, and also to his career. Hopefully this will bring good
  10. Thank you :) All the love from the UK to the US!

  11. Lol, just to let you guys know, Danny's biological father is taking part in this reality tv show "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" in the UK (the show is british but the celebs are in a jungle in Australia), LOL.
  12. @ Solo: Hello! Don't think I have met you before, lol. How are you doing? @Christy: I know..Curse the fact that I have so much work and urgghhhhhh, not enough time to do my own thing I miss you too! Lol, how are things in Singapore??
  13. Um, I give it listen when I can, I should listen to it more often seeing that I am going to watch them live soon! I ought to know the words to their songs...LOL. I bet you must be excited!

  14. Happy Bellazon Birthday Munichmarty! You have been such a delight here, keep it that way, sister!
  15. Just a reminder: Less than half a month until KOL FOR YOU!

  16. Wow, so glad to have so many new enthusiastic Mathias admirers Hi everyone!
  17. Wow, thanks for the new photos Coco looks so cute!
  18. Who are you supporting Christy?
  19. Lol, you guys crack me up (in a good way of course!)
  20. Natalia got a brief mention in an article written by the editor of the British Vogue, November issue I couldn't agree with her moreee! Scanned by me
  21. Dansk with the Stars Score another captivating cover for the Danish glossy with everyone’s favorite dancer, Coco Rocha. The timeless shot displays Coco’s startling beauty with the sculptural flip of the hair for maximum effect. Inside the issue, the gamine Trish Goff stars in a dreamy edit by Henrik Bulow, styled by Simon Rasmussen. models.com
  22. I was thrilled this morning when Obama won, I think he is the man to change America. Let's hope that his promises would be fulfilled during his 4 years in office
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