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  1. Wooot, loving Natalia! She is so gorgeous, but in a different way at the same time. Her heart is so big, I am so proud of her for doing so much for the Russian kids by building secure playgrounds for them. Go Natalia, I hope that she will never quit modelling!
  2. Wow, everytime I look at Lily I am just mesmerised! I think she is a very talented model, you know, she isn't your typical blonde or brunette. Its about damn time a ginger makes a bang in the fashion world. I think Lily will go far, but it feels like her career is slowing down nowadays. Maybe she is dedicating alot of time in Uni, which is understandable because she is in Cambridge. I just wish that she is doing more runway shows for more maintstream designers, I remember seeing Lily in alot of runway shoes in Tv and on mags, now its very few Oh well, it doesn't mean that she is a crap model at all, her editorial pictures are going from strength to strength, she looks so different and cute all the time! :D:D:D:D
  3. If yes, 1: What style? I know it probably sounds reallllyyyyy lame but I watched "Strictly Come Dancing" and fell in love with the show. Its the British Version of "Dancing with the Stars" in the US. After that, I joined ballroom dancing classes and I really like ballroom and latin dances. My favourite ballroom would have to be the Waltz and my latin would be the Jive and Salsa 2: Are you doing it professionally (are you taking classes, etc) or did you teach it to yourself? Definitely taking classes! There is no way that I do it myself! 3: and then ofcourse; Why? (do you dance because you know guys/gals find it sexy or....wink.gif ) I just think that its an incredible art and sport. Its definitely a fun way to work out and etc, not as monotonous as going to the gym. Lol, what a long answer....
  4. I randomly, out of chance, bumped into this website and couldn't resist joining because of the numerous threads on gorgeous people on here *salivates* Well, I'm Helen and nice to meet you all
  5. Lol, yes, its this pic I was talking about. And thank you for welcoming me, bwahahaha, you are incredibly nice Miss Munichmarty! Danke, und wie geht's dir? Wie ist das Wetter in Deutschland? I agree with the other girl's comment. I was talking to my friend about having a hypothetical fit model boyfriend and that its not going to be easy because you will need to have a big heart to accept that both men and women will always and most probably ONLY look at him and not you. Gosh, that must be hard. And imagine all the girls approaching him and giving you evil looks? Geeesshhhh, looks like having a model boyfriend is not what it all cracked up to be....
  6. Ah, you must mean Lian... Yes, yes, quite Anyway, how are you doing?
  7. You should hand paint Dita Von Teese...
  8. Maybe it's that he's beautiful, respectful, intelligent and very kind and polite... (honestly... his personality is what made me go so crazy for him! It's good enough to be handsome.. but he's so sweet, too. Winning combination! ) I totally agree, a friend of mine told me what he was like (she dressed him, her pic with him is SOMEWHERE in this thread, not too sure if the people who posted it actually asked her for permission...) and she said that he was cute, sweet and polite and also extremely shy. Not bad for a top model, eh?
  9. Lol, thanks for quoting/changing my words at the same time! And my my, he looks so carefree and happy in those pics, thank youuuuuuuuu!
  10. Completely! Seriously, there is something about Scandanavian men that I just can't quite resist....
  11. I couldn't agree more! The way she was speaking, oh man, she purrs! Shame she had to die at the end though....
  12. Wow, so glad that I joined the forum and found this beautiful thread dedicated to the ever delectable Mathias! He is a talented model but yet so humble and, well, just thought I should let you ladies know that he wears briefs
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