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  1. Whoa, thanks Munichmarty so much for doing such a fantastic job in finding these amazing Mathias pics from the Milan fashion week!
  2. I do love jewellery! I mainly wear silver, but I have a couple of gold pieces too I have a few things from Links of London and I would love to buy more charms for my charm bracelet... Shame I am so low on money right now!
  3. Woops, missed it by a few days but I hope Mathias had a wonderful birthday
  4. I am so glad that Coco is blogging again! I love the way she writes and she is ever so humble I love love love this girl, her work is truly amazing and I love that Valentine's pic of her! She is ever so FIERCE!!
  5. My new year was nice and quiet, spent it with my flatmates :) My friend and I are planning to see KOL again in June when they are performing here in Manchester..Lol, we are hoping to go, depending on our financial states in our bank accounts! How was your NYE?

  6. Woop woop! Thanks for finding the photo Munichmarty
  7. Hello Landor! I need to thank YOU for uploading that video to youtube You did a great job!!!
  8. Er yeah, I was a little confused as to why the germans dub their films. My ex german roommate watches Scrubs and it's hella weird to hear german and not english! Despite that, I find germans to be very good in English
  9. She looks so beautiful even just being her playful self!! And I love the way she speaks, she is soo sincere, just makes her ever more endearing
  10. Happy new year Joe!! And to Jorge aswell
  11. His english is pretty damn good. Just wish that my german was just as brilliant But thanks for uploading the video ladies
  12. Woohooo! Happy New Year everyone
  13. Heya my love, thanks for all the comments on my blog :)

  14. Can't afford to let this thread slip into the second page! BUMP!
  15. Thank you for all the new pics Lady Fatale! Gosh, have been waiting for a long time, but shame I don't have the time too look for more pics of him. Thanks anyway
  16. Coco talks about her mannequin here in the link! Can someone please rip it off and upload it to youtube, please??? http://models.com/oftheminute/?p=4539 It's a must watch, she is splendid.
  17. i know!!! Jan Vogue totally had a full on article and editorial about Coco going back to her natural roots! i'd scan it... but my scanner is being retarded! OH PLEASE SCAN ITT! I WANNA READ IT, CELINE!
  18. Woop! January sales tomorrow, I can't wait! So how is everyone?
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