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  1. try it now [sorry for the BIG delay] yeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, I'm back
  2. No =( TNP cheers for a Spanish soccer club?
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    Junto a Ti ~ Sin Bandera :heart:
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    Tokio Drift ~Teriaki Boyz
  5. Hm, there was a special performance (Renault Roadshow) @ São Paulo... And I remember from this topic ;x Photos: Hope you'll like it. Source (in Portuguese)
  6. Ok, just a thing about the yesterday's match against Barça: He couldn't play because he was suspended due to yellow cards. He was interviewed during half time OHMYGOD, I REALLY NEED TO FOUND THE VIDEO! And one little big gif: Hope you'll like it. But you always like it Hey, can U see it now? (: (hope yeah)
  7. Can be a male or a female :|
  8. A funny and sexy video
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    Sergio Ramos

    Let me break the ice Allow me to get you right Thanks
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