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  1. haha nice method, must try it out sometime, after ive watched it with sound of course :p

  2. Well it is kinda true, i've seen very few pictures where you cant see either :ninja:

  3. Thanks :D I have yet to watch ep 7! :/

  4. I always knew she loved me.. are u a serial watcher of TVD?

  5. Well it usually is the girl who wants to settle down :P But yeah as you said, Blake doesn't seem the type...Here's 4x07:


  6. I went for the lazy option and downloaded it :D it's okay, i was expecting better tho :/

  7. Weird, i heard that for the first time 2 days ago before i saw your comment :P Hope the album is good..

  8. Dropbox :hug:

    Blake is too good for him, she needs someone like me. :P

  9. your sig is awesome! :)

  10. It's when Jenny walks in to see Nate right? Yeah she was an interesting character indeed! Well at least we know lil J will be back anyway :P MSN RIGHT NOW, i'll be on for a while :)

  11. Yeah it's awesome :D It is. And i didn't know whao that was so i searched her, now i do :P She's actually quite nice now that she's more grown up! :) MSN?

  12. I put in in the dropbox yesterday, must not have worked. Anyway it should be okay now :D

  13. Woah, thats quite the amount of models names being dropped! ha...yeahh and i've got 3 pm's from people asking me who she is, so thanks for the suggestion to use it!

  14. I know, everybody loves it! :P Yeah i've seen it, it was pretty good. Have you watched it yet?

  15. Give me a while to reply to that message :ninja: :P

  16. Imagine how i felt making it..

  17. I'm well aware that my sig is making a lot of people want to have sex with Marloes (Me included) as you can tell by my comments :P I even got a PM about it! Brilliant..

  18. Hey :) It's Marloes Horst!

  19. Haha, that was purely my intention! Glad you like :P It's the wonderful Marloes Horst btw :)

  20. Ha yeah, its a decent time waster! Yeah i do, but i downloaded the new version and it fucked up, keep getting an error, might have to download the older one again. hit me with your digits anyway ;)

  21. I got yo back http://www.mediafire.com/?xot7s7il5wdlq28

    - well i havent slept well the past few nights, been sick with flu so it's keepin me up :/

  22. haha i did the same thing! then i just replayed it over n over..and saved it onto my comp :p man she's too sexy..

  23. Haha yeah i noticed that, and this video was what got me into her http://vimeo.com/14296402 :|

    Um i dunno? I don't think it is, im sure the background is just transparent.

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