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  1. Arthur (and Francisco Lachowski) in Coitus Issue 2. Ph: Greg Vaughan: Scans by me.
  2. The camera pics you guys already have may be lower quality, but they show a little more, because my scanner is pretty small. Haha. Oh, and I was gonna post these at tfs, but for some reason the registering process there won't show me the "spam verification" thing so I couldn't sign up, but I'm sure one of you can just post them there. Francisco (and Arthur Sales) in Coitus magazine | Ph: Greg Vaughan: Scans by me.
  3. Welcome to BZ land.

    Lets start things of with 5 stars ^_^

  4. John and Edward Grimes, identical twins from Ireland born October 16th 1991 (age 19) are singers, models, and media personalities who rose to fame on the British Singing show 'The X Factor'. Famous for their trademark blonde quiffs and blazer-skinny clothing combos the pair have gone from strength to strength since their debut in late 2009. A number 1 single featuring Vanilla Ice, a Number 1 and double platinum album in their home country, a modeling contract with Next, numerous sold-out tours and countless advertising campaigns with everything from Nintendo to fast food chains, all under the
  5. Chris Fawcett (see avatar and sig). I appreciate the beauty of many guys, but he is and probably always will be just way way above all others, he's just perfection.
  6. Good god the difficulty. In order: 1.Chris Fawcett 2. Silviu Tolu 3. Edward Grimes 4. John Grimes 5. Francisco Lachowski 6. Bo Develius 7. Chris Porter 8. Sean O'Pry 9. Brian and Andrew Chaplin 10. River Viiperi Excluding the top 5, it tends to change, and I'm probably forgetting lots.
  7. Sunlighter

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    Dancehall Queen - Robyn
  8. ^Hi! And I was right, my sig was too big, I resized it to 600x140, that's the max right?
  9. Why am I not surprised this thread has so much pages? Major love for Francisco wherever you look. The Galliano lookbook is huge. There's no stopping him it seems.
  10. Eep, I am allowed to bump this thread? I LOVE Heidi Montag. I think she's absolutely STUNNING. Her surgery imrpoved her appearance to no end imo. Plus I love her music. She's so flawless.
  11. Ordered Sara Bareilles' 'Kaleidoscope Heart' and Paris Hilton's 'Paris', can't wait for them. Recently got Ke$ha's 'Cannibal' It's pretty amazing tbh.
  12. Tiger Suit - KT Tunstall Loud - Rihanna The Beginning - Black Eyed Peas Lights - Ellie Goulding Animal + Cannibal - Ke$ha Superficial - Heidi Montag Planet Jedward - Jedward Wide Awake - Joe McElderry The Remix - Lady Gaga Body Talk Parts 1 + 2 - Robyn Sun In My Pocket - Locnville Revolution - Alyosha (if that counts, it hasn't been released afaik) Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj Science and Faith - The Script In no particular order, ha.
  13. Sweet People and Fading Sigh - Alyosha 6 Second Poison and Sun In My Pocket - Locnville Dead Man Walking - The Script Check It Out and Roman's Revenge - Nicki Minaj Glamour Puss and (Still A) Weirdo - KT Tunstall Cannibal and Backstabber - Ke$ha Real Late Starter - Joe McElderry Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) and Pop Muzik - Jedward Guns and Horses - Ellie Goulding That Our Own Volitile Nature - Galaxy Of Tar Rich Bitch - Die Antwoord I am (Stripped) and Monday Morning - Christina Aguilera The Flood - Cheryl Cole The Time (Dirty Bit) and XOXOXO - The Black Eyed Peas I'm So Fly and Prettiest Gir
  14. Been on a huge Locnville and Alyosha kick since last year, it doesn't seem to be dying down. Been listening to Ke$ha's new EP religiously over the last weeks.
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