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Status Updates posted by MauiKane

  1. Have a tfs account but not there too often...just check out the pics sometimes. Never did post there.

    BZ is my fave....for many reasons! :)

  2. I sent it to your aol mailbox on April 6th...to the address that you gave me in your PM. You have answered all my PMs, but not this email. Perhaps I copied it wrong and sent it to the wrong address.

    Oh well...was just wondering. Was nothing important. I just said HI. :)

  3. Hey! I'm fine. Hope you are doing super! Did you get my email?

    I did not get yours. :)

  4. Added you as a friend also. Now we are mutual friends. It is about time. :)

  5. Yes. left you a message. I wonder how it could have disappeared? :( Anways...I said I noticed your personal photo and thought that you are cute. I don't know how long you had it posted, but I just noticed it....DUH!!

    Thanks for the Gen showcard. Look forward to see his runway pics in the upcoming Paris and Milan shows.

    See you on Gen's thread...and others! :)

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