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  1. Edilson Nascimento is the name of Brazil's latest gift (OMIGOD WHAT A GIFT!) to the modeling world, an overnight sensation whose sexually charged images have appeared on countless websites and blogs all across the globe over the past few weeks. Stunningly handsome, with an engaging, friendly personality and a flair for modeling that is rare and uniquely his own, Edilson is the hottest young male model to appear in years and is clearly destined for greatness in the world of fashion. Here are his statistics: Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Height: 6'0" Weight: 160 lbs. Waist: 31" Inseam: 32" Suit: 40 regular Shoes: Size 10 His full name is Edílson do Nascimento Azevedo, and to introduce you to him, here's a sample: Edilson lives in the city of João Pessoa, capital of the state of Paraíba in northeastern Brazil: He is an accomplished athlete and has a black belt in judo. He also practices jiu-jitsu and is a boxer: He is represented in Brazil by Elian Gallardo Model. In February, he was invited to New York for three months by Major Model Management, his U.S. agency. After a month in New York, he has just flown to Los Angeles to be photographed for the new advertising campaigns for Level Jeans and Armani, according to his Brazilian agency's website. This guy is the total package! He has it all! He combines unequaled male beauty with a killer physique: But there's also the soft and cuddly side of this gorgeous Brazilian god: Edilson has also become an overnight sensation on YouTube, where he has earned the nickname "Dreamboy"! Here are some of the best videos of this gorgeous Brazilian Apollo: "As Beautiful as an Angel...and Hot as Hell!" "Dreamboy Edilson Nascimento Photo Shoot" This one follows him through preparations for a photoshoot and onto the fashion runway in Brazil: "Dreamboy Edilson Nascimento: The Most Beautiful Man on Earth": "Edilson Nascimento - Dreamboy - Now and Forever" a dreamy, romantic look at him through the lenses of New York photographers: Here's the first one that appeared on YouTube, created by a fan in France, titled simply "Edilson Nascimento": And finally, here's a short video taken during a photoshoot that Edilson did in New York City in March: Stay tuned! I'll add more photos in a few days. Meanwhile, enjoy!!!
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