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  1. I see Mathias is finally getting some attention here on Bellazon I'll have some nice new scans on his site soon! ^_^
  2. Who's your #2? Boyd Mathias is forever #1, though (See signature)
  3. My #1 and my #3! Mathias by far
  4. Random, but Danny Beauchamp is also in those DSquared ads. Thank you for posting!
  5. Thanks to everyone for your help! I actually did find the original post, but the picture was gone -- now it's surfaced again! And I have no idea why I typed "editorial" in my request post...
  6. Does anyone happen to have copies of the editorial she did for magazine Exte (I think it was with James R.)? Thank you!
  7. Her name is Tori Praver http://www.toripraver.com
  8. I think she's dating NBA star Richard Jefferson (Of the NJ Nets) now...
  9. Haha...couldn't stand the French?
  10. ^Chilling in NYC as far as I know... She has several campaigns running in Brazil right now
  11. Always been a fan of his chiseled look - good thread!
  12. She has done her share of editorials But the fact that she's still in school prevents her from working too much right now.
  13. Haha...he's Danish, though! :
  14. Lacoste ads (FW05 and SS06) featuring Mathias: :D
  15. She has European blood (German) in her
  16. Canti!!! *hugs* He's so beautiful it hurts
  17. Those are not Solange are they? Does anyone have Firstview versions of Solange in Peter Som F/W 06 a few weeks ago? I'm looking for the white dress...
  18. I scanned Natalia and Freddie Ljungberg's Interview March 2006 article
  19. It's probably because you did see him!
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