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  1. ^ can see most of the picture
  2. ^ called me a lurker then said I was the mean one?
  3. ^ didn't answer my question
  4. the real question is: are you fine? and how fine are you?
  5. Posted the pedo eyebrows smiley
  6. ^^ Is an evil Latina girl :| ^ Is an evil white girl :|
  7. Rumor has it Destiny has sex in her parents bed.
  8. Now Destiny, why must you spread such a fucked up story so that everyone must read it? You really do hate me, don't you? :(q
  9. Rumor has it Yours_Forever is feeling lonely without her boyfriend
  10. Rumor has it Destiny is the next Bond Girl
  11. Rumor has it London needs to get herself to the bedroom, because I am going to sleep. Or at least going to bed.
  12. Rumor has it London was sleeping with [solo]
  13. Rumor has it London may be on to something
  14. Rumor has it ToniRenee is a time travelling alien
  15. You're beginning to piss me off. Lucky you're female.
  16. Walk up really close, stare them down, say "Now you've REALLY pissed me off..." turn around like I'm done, kick them backwards in the balls, punch them in the stomach, knock them out, piss on their body, and laugh that they were stupid enough to think I would leave without doing anything less.
  17. ^ $10,000 in one day for 6hrs work and a 4-man team is a very... very... good day. Rumor has it PinkCouture is really Adriana Lima.
  18. Rumor has it London is going to be my new pet cat.
  19. Rumor has it London is already under [solo]'s control
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