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  1. i'm glad there is a preity-thread...i know her a few month now but i just realised how beautiful she can be..i really like her, so thanks for these pictures..
  2. wow, this shooting is so awesome..i love it
  3. oh, my favourite dress of all time...and i LOVE her haircut at that premiere..it's awesome
  4. i don't like the cover of the mag that much, but the second is soooooo awesome..i love it...fabulous monica images are back
  5. she is such a beauty..i can't believe she's turning 40 this year
  6. namidaslave

    Katie Holmes

    i completely agree...such a beautiful child!
  7. this is a very great scan. thank you. she looks awesome
  8. wow, these pictures look really great, anouk..thanks for posting... i dont like her blonde hair though but b/w is always beautiful
  9. thank you SO much, really!
  10. wow thanks a lot, miwa finally big scans! i'm glad.. and i'm also glad because there is no wig anymore..i simply hated it..that wasn't herself...but now on the new cannes-pics it's just the monica i used to "know"...so beautiful *love*
  11. ohhh the second is so cute :3 thanks for that and the first is too sexy..like it
  12. could please please someone re-upload them? they aren't working anymore ><;;; i'd love to see them bigger...the other two were SO beautiful!
  13. Thank you so much for the cannes candids, Pauline.. I've never seen them before...I just LOVE the pics where monica poses with zhang ziyi..this girl is such a cutie you really really miss something...he's my favourite director and his movies are just like a dream..i love every single one i've seen
  14. yay giovanna i think she is just sooo beautiful! i saw two movies of her and i really liked her..great actress and just stunning eyes
  15. @letycja: thank you for those pictures...i like them a lot @qball: the movie's name is "combien tu maimes?"...i dunno the english one @rhett: i'm just so sick of those discussions...what does your picture prove? in my eyes simply nothing she was very young at this one..you tell us she did her nose and mouth? look at your one pic..it's the same as it is today but her breasts are real..she was pregnant, remember it..a woman's body changes when she was pregnant oO and before her pregnancy her breasts were just normal and had a normal form xD whatever..i believe that they are real...i don't wanna sound rude or something, its just my opinion
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  18. i only use firefox with a lot extensions...i just love it <3
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  20. worst by chance (or *opens imdb* Guuzen nimo saiaku na shounen) - 7/10
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