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  1. Its about time! Their lingerie looks more grown and sexy here. i agree, love the panties And i love everything!! Not just the panty but the lil thing behind it What a holiday gift to step in here and get my beauty hot as usual
  2. Hola gracias por unirte a nosotros bienvenida! Feliz navidad para ti y el mundo entero! Merry Xmas to everybody Enjoy
  3. Wet T-Shirt!!!!! i guess i got a lot of enjoy with this set
  4. Yeah I think the only thing he got right was her body and her nose. I think her face tends to be hard to draw sometimes because its never exactly right on tattoos. But they always insist on using her on anyway. (unless the costumer already wanted to use her) think here though the costumer wanted to use her. Yea it's very hard to catch the all the correct angles. I did some drawings many years ago and was pretty difficult. I used to start all over again when i fail,but al least i manage to make some perfects...... well almost perfect drawings that i still have stored. Almost 8 years has passed since i made the last one. Probably i don't make any other never more. I don't have any motivation or interest anymore.
  5. ^ The photoshop routine duh but very nice hot one
  6. It doesn't look to her that much at all,good work for the artist anyway.
  7. This is the way Vincent works. He uses a lot of filters and smooth the skin till it looks like the plastic skin of a mannequin. He always does gorgeous things but somewhat unrealistic. Adriana and him worked a lot together in the past, no? This is true sadly, i can understand yet why the use of too much Photoshop WTF!. This became very annoying for me
  8. What are you talking about? That is completely irrelevant now, lets keep moving.
  9. It looks like that was on 2006 i guess, when VSFS was on CBS on Dec 10 by the time cuz until i know the casting is in October and Show in November,and it looks like head again to CBS.
  10. An MSD Billet Blaster 2 Distributor for my Pro Stock Machine
  11. Mine , 1960's & 1970's Disco,Blues,Soul,Funk,R&B,trance,techno,eurodance,and hardcore Heavy Metal. Artist; Various from the time, Specialy Michael Jackson on the JACKSONS 5. :dance:
  12. Bad news,if this year the show will be on CBS that means,probably won't be aired here,since the show last year and in 2011 was on NBC. And Telemundo & NBC are siblings and as an usual was aired on Telemundo here. Shit..., i guess this holiday season will be an a terrible one starting for this,and that irritates me pretty heavy
  13. Magnificence!! in every aspect, this make my day.....night instead
  14. Those are from the VDay upcoming,we are seeing them? Yeah what the hell, nice leak preview. Thanks!
  15. Goin to buy a speedometer cable for my machine.
  16. ^ My grandpa from part of my dad was 100% italian, from part of my mom 100% PuertoRican, grandma from from part of my dad was 100% PuertoRican, from part of my Mom 100% PuertoRican. So I have 5% italian , 95% Puerto Rican with all the greatest proud of the world.
  17. Oviously like everybody else i prefer the laptop / PC more fast,more reliable and without the worries of lost signal like the Smartphone, iphone or worries of the sloooooowwwnesss of the tablet .
  18. Not Guilty Putting a knife in the throat of someone who bothers u everyday on purpose??
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