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  1. New editorial featuring the always delectable Mr Gandy. the publication is DV Man, from Sweden (?), I think, and for some reason, they chose to go with a cowboy theme for this editorial.... :blink: Oooookaaay...... Well, David looks good so who cares.... credit to original poster at andreysworld.blogspot.com and reposters at modelhommes.com, Kizunai and zhangxi8242.
  2. totally agree Jade, there are a couple of specific older pics I'm looking for of Doutzen that I saw displayed on bus shelters but searching 735 pages?!? I think I'll try TFS first and then come back if I don't have any luck there.
  3. Talk about afternoon delight Found some new stuff over at model hommes. Credit goes to original poster. *Sorry, didn't get the poster's screen name and too lazy to go back and locate. There are more pics in this series over at modelhommes.com in David's thread. I wasn't able to get all of them because my connection's slow "dayum you AT&T" and the pics are pretty large.
  4. :whistle: Sorry but I don't see the appeal. He looks like a very average lookin' American white duuuuude... Nothing wrong with that but you can see plenty of those on any given street corner. He's not unattractive but again, nothing special.
  5. totally agree with Penny. And she's from Romania??!! She's got such a diverse look that she could easily pass for Latin. She actually reminds me of a NY acquaintance of mine who happens to be Cuban.
  6. <_< Wow, not gonna even get into that Dynasty inspired collection that Heine is hawking but my word, who did Sabrina's makeup in those shots??? The local mortician!!?? Sabrina is a gorgeous girl and one of her best features is her skin. Look at her candids in previous posts. Hardly any makeup and absolutely luminous skin. Maybe she was having a bad day and had a breakout. Well that's what photoshop is for. Keep the blemishes but lose the grease paint.
  7. She reminds me a little of Raica. Would luv to see more pics.
  8. :blush: Oh Wow!! I think I'm in luv!!! Gracias, Magic for the introduction. Must scout for more pics now.
  9. No problem Sutra & Morhaint, I just adore David; imagine a male model that looks like a fully developed male...... I noticed that two awesome individuals over at Model Hommes captured and posted the pics from the MD campaign so without further ado.... Special thanks and all credit for pics go to Bluebelle & Zhangxi8242 @ modelhommes.com
  10. Mr Gandy, aka grown and sexy, is featured in a new campaign for Massimo Dutti. I'm providing the link to the pdf catalog and be warned, this thing is massive. Hope your internet connection is better than mine. http://www.massimodutti.com/pdf/NuevoPrestige.pdf Image clipped from online catalog.....
  11. :wave: Hey Unknown, Just wanna say thanks for listing that blog on your post above. I luv discovering new faces and that site is awesome.
  12. Wow. she looks great in these shots. looks like Emanuela may have a little competition over at VS. Although I must say, I luv them both and hope they both get massive coverage this coming season.
  13. :drool: Wow! Thanks so much for starting this thread allus6ka. I've seen a couple of pics of this beauty but never knew her name.
  14. I totally agree. Gorgeous girl but is she a model or a contender for cutest chick on Orkut? candids are great but should they dominate a thread that's supposed to be dedicated to her "professional" modeling career? There are lots of beautiful girls in the world and many gorgeous models, but not all are successful. I just don't wanna see her disappear.
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