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  1. hiiiiii :wave:

    Don't see you around that much. How's it going?

    ciao, take care

  2. From Armani Exchange, the Director's Cut video for Summer 2010.
  3. By Samuel Zakuto, Ryan vs. Ram Boneh (you'll recognize him from earlier shoots)
  4. From Made In Brazil the 'making of' video for Emporio Armani:
  5. Armani Exchange Behind The Lens for Summer 2010
  6. More from the 2011 campaign for Frankie Morello
  7. I would assume Morello, for one. These guys go to castings, and, unless they're exclusive to a designer, or have some deal worked out beforehand, they don't always know.
  8. New Chris! Thank you! So Awesome!
  9. Kerry in Fiasco magazine by Vincent Dilio:
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