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  1. you certainly outlived me (this is my ghost talking) congrats
  2. Ever since I got a girlfriend I've lost the urge to drool at asian ladies, but I'll keep checking in now and then though oh and wth Hime's in the army?
  3. I'm hardly ever on bz anymore but thanks for the pics/vids
  4. jig

    Olga Kurylenko

    +1 she is truly amazing, I saw L'annulaire a while ago, must-see for Olga fans
  5. yeah what happened to her, she isn't acting or anything so wth is she up to =O

  6. btw wth where is my sig at >_<
  7. holy shiiit i didnt know this thread got some well-deserved action while i was gone damn thanks for all these pics, im freaking out
  8. absolutely amazing pics Hime! is this my birthday present? if so it's by far the best one I got
  9. thanks =D will do =)

  10. thanks =D

  11. jig

    thanks =D

  12. thank you =) you have an awesome page here btw xD

  13. jig

    thank you =)

  14. little vid of her on the set of Mutant Girls Squad
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