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  1. HOTTTTTTTTTT :woot: :ddr: mmm..she's wet :brows:
  2. oh my god, I'd rather wear this out to a club, not to go to sleep in... :| I guess she likes to sleep pretty
  3. OMGOSH SHE'S SO ADORABLE :shock: and hot and sexy and more sexy and more hot *&^%$#@ I LOVE THAT TEA CUP PICTURE && THE ZEBRA BRA.. myy daammnn :|
  4. HA! yea I did, argh <_< I hate it when people don't understand me -_- Thanks for clearing it up. and omfg You like radio head? I LOVEE RADIO HEAD o_o especially there song "creep" hahh! :)) yourr awesome maatttttt!<33

  5. HA! exactly damn straight I wouldn't complain either XDD

    Ah today we watched like at least 20 minutes of the movie "la bamba" in my spanish class HAHAH until they had this kissing scene and my teacher was like "oh i haven't watched this for so long, i forgot" and then she turned it off <_<

  6. yes yes thaats right ^_^...

    Mm well I haven't Worked my corner yet for your 6 bucks, ah.. gimmie another day or so? :rofl: :DDDD xDD

    AW shucks thaankks lady hehe <333

  7. Aww thanks hun :) hehe!!! Howw are you? :]

  8. Omg she made me teary, I dont know why but she did I love her so much! AH, SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!
  9. oooh my goodness....I love her make up on the second one, and I love her in yellow :brows: HA! THANKS
  10. OF COURSE THEY WERE..hot well ..beautiful :) anyway.CREEP hahahhahaa! i like cereal and bananna's IN COMMON? :D

  11. ha! Awesomeee name xD

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