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  1. Cool. She just looks very different. Sorry.
  2. Sorry Miss Parker it isn't. Thanks for looking out for her though.
  3. Thanks Nefertiti, this is new to me. I'm please to see something new on Ashley since it's been a while.
  4. Here are two more pics from the second layout to see if this sheds anymore light on who this girl is. That is the whole editorial and it was from a French ELLE Oct 8, 1990 and yes Korravia you can post it all though I do have a whole editorial for Aya Thorgren so if you would rather I can scan and post the whole thing.
  5. Three promo flyers from Cover Girl. Myscans
  6. I have two models that I need help Iding. One I think use to model for Salon Selectives as well.
  7. Elle No 2335 Oct 8 1990 Photographer Marc Hispard.
  8. Hello...just popping in to wish you a wonderful birthday!I hope you had a great day! :) Take care... ~ Chow ~ ;)

  9. ABSOLUTELY NEW to me! From the moment on I´ve seen this here I didn´t even know this exists! Wow! Thanks so much DaunaD1! Do I need to add I am interested if you ever sell? But these Aziza pics never appeared in any mags., because I´ve heard only the word "display" getting along with them? Hm, just they spend a bit too much make-up-work on her eyes. I'm glad it was new to you. Compared to your collection I'm sure I have very little that you don't have. You are very lucky to have the major collection you do. As far as the displays, they were from actual displays at cosmetic counters. The fi
  10. Not sure if this is new to you guys are not from my collection Aziza display ad from 1985. I kept only the photo portion of it. Enjoy!
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