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    FUCK Adriana Lima, FUCK Lindsay Ellingson, FUCK Country Music, FUCK all the fuckholes that don't give props to people that deserve it, FUCK baseball, FUCK Hippies, FUCK all you white trash douchebags, FUCK excercise, FUCK the parking meter maids, FUCK the state of Florida and Colorado, FUCK the Chivas soccer team and FUCK Osama Bin Laden. I've been saying it my whole life and I'll be saying it 'till the day I die: FUCK 'EM ALL. FUCKIN' BULLSHIT!!!!

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  1. One HD Screencap from that TV show on that TV channel that aired one time that nobody saw and can't find anywhere online. No, I'm not crediting the idiot that screencapped it.
  2. Hah, boots and heels. And all that other junk.
  3. 1080i HD Screencaps from the first part of the Swimsuit Special. Fuck 720p. For the record, I stole these from Ed Razek and Monica Mitro. With permission. Cuz I'm awesome and I smell real good.
  4. Oh, I definitely know how all of you feel. You put all your efforts into supporting this woman and she shuns you like the bacteria-infested drivel you are. Makes you wanna stop caring, doesn't it? This is why I got employed by Alessandra Ambrosio instead.
  5. 1080i HD Screencaps from Conan. Find the video yourself. I'm not doing it for you.
  6. Wheezy in the Green Room @ CBS This Morning 03-08-2016 I'm sure there's a video somewhere, so goddamn look for it.
  7. Of course, you would! Guess what? I would too! We're all just a buncha awesome bronco-busting breakfast buffet-loving perverts all up in here. Speaking of awesome, here's a couple of 720p HD Screencaps from the Daytona 500 Special that aired on Fox last night. Great way for SI to do a shameless promo for a sport that has NOTHING to do with swimsuits. Want the video? Then look for it on the Internet, goddamn it. Do some work for once!
  8. Sure, they coulda done that, but MJ Day blew the entire budget on this VR bullshit. Think abt it, u pay $2 for six extra VR vids that aren't in 1080p and are barely 90 seconds in length each and can only be viewed on ur phone (IPad is incompatible). Hell, the iPad edition of this year's issue has ZERO extra features becuz of this VR crap.
  10. You want Virtual Reality? Here, I pulled some 1080p HD screencaps out my ass just for your viewing pleasure. INTRO TO SWIMSUIT VR - SI SWIMSUIT 2016 VIRTUAL REALITY All of this stuff can be viewed on the SI VR App (obviously). Good luck trying to grab video captures from that thing.
  11. GASP. Say it ain't So! That's, like, sixteen walls vague.
  12. Impressive digital shots, Pretty. Android version? Definitely not Ipad.
  13. ^^For some reason, the first two minutes from the Dan Patrick Show are missing from this video^^ She first talks about how she's so good at soccer, how totally "Denmark-ian/Danish" she is, and how Denmark loves suicide. After the convo, it cuts to the video above. Just thought I'd let y'all know.
  14. Only if she's 5'3 and has a motor in the back of her Honda. In honor of Ashley's cover, I suggest we do as she does and just go nuts with the Twinkies and Ho-Ho's.
  15. @PinkCouture In my case, I'm a goddamn left-wing God-fearing lazy fucker dumb shit pseudo-liberal Hypocrite and I love it. Capitalism and Freedom!
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