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  1. Happy Birthday to Andrew, kerkeloo, day88 and *Sandra* !
  2. Hello. The following post will sound highly critical and even harsh at some times. This is only my opinion which I am sharing with you. I have glanced quickly through the other replies and some match mine. Also, this rant/review/thoughts will of course be biased, as the 05 show was the best and probably forever will be. So before I get onto critiquing/praising some of the models, I will give thoughts about the show: Setting: NY is the home for the VS show so that was a good start. The "V" runway was a rather nice touch, however what was below it was not. The stupid mosh pit. People with glow sticks. Not needed and made the show deviate from it's roots. Music: Not a fan of Black Eyed Peas but I guess their music is kinda catchy. Two Kings of Leon songs? Neither fit the segment that they were played. The music during the filler parts, ie. Search for Next Angel, was better. Ladyhawke? Yes please. Phoenix? Mmmhmm. Editing: Yeah normal gimmicky CBS editing as usual. Parts from the matinee and soiree spliced together and many goofs to be found, which I believe most have been kindly pointed out already. Filler part(s): I say part(s) because it was basically the Search for VS's Next Runway Angel/Angel/Model/Girl. A huge ripoff of the NTM franchise, but who can blame them, it gets ratings. Russell James was on the money, "Extremely large breasts". I actually laughed out loud at this one. I was waiting for an adjective like voluptuous, curvy, full-figured, curvaceous or possibly even busty, but Mr. James delivered well. I can imagine the criteria sheet at the castings reading something like: 5'9", <65kgs, long hair, good walk, great smile (then written in pencil undernearth) BIG BOOBIES. The search for the next PINK girl they did in the 07 show was funny, cute and most importantly, short. It only took one filler segment. I'd rather see model interviews and backstage antics rather than watch a semi-reality ripoff. Onto the models. Ale: Close your mouth on the runway dear. Never had a thing for her anyway. AnaBB: If only there were 30 AnaBB's walking.... Randapanda: Oh god yes. I still feel dirty gawking at her. Had by far the best outfits of the show. Oh and she still sounds like a 12 year old Australian girl. The other Aussie chick (forgot her name, something Taylor?): Meh. RosieHW: Trentini: Stick to HF please. Doutzen: She looked very happy and playful in the 09 show, but I like her when she looks a bit more sultry and fierce. Izabel: Never saw anything in her... Token Asian model: hehe, she high five'd that BEP guy.. Chanel: Please stop "raising the roof" for godsakes. Stegner: Stegner ftw :hell yea!: Fan-effing-tastic smile. Marisa: Wow Marisa walks a lot better when she takes her time, ie. When she opened the last segment. Isabeli: A true VS veteran Selita: Selita, just sit down. Tatiana Kovylina: YES. Simply stunning. I believe her smile can still melt the evilest of hearts. Too bad she doesn't have much of a fanbase. Ellingson: Still looks like a skeleton. Winberg: Was looking sexy as in the 2nd segment :brows: Swamepoel: Mmmmm yummy. Anja: Too skinny for VS. I didn't know the news regarding Adriana so I was scratching my head when I realised she hadn't come out in the first two segments. Congtraz to her. I was also sad to that some of my past favourites weren't included. Morgane, Andi, Flavia, Natasha P.....maybe it was for the best though... Overall the show was mildly entertaining. I would re-watch it, but skip through the Search for next VS Angel segments.
  3. /Delivery Miranda Kerr, Cosmopolitan Australia, May 2008. Photographer: Unknown. Cute as a button
  4. Venturing into the MM thread...... :lost: I probably shouldn't be doing this but, vote for Marisa here as well: http://z13.invisionfree.com/The_Model_Spot...?showtopic=1390 She's up against AnaBB. Looks like those forums are pretty dead, but there must be some Ana fans still kicking. I mean I love Ana, but Marisa got the freakin' cover, plus we saw her jugglies in the body painting :brows: . Kinda deserves to win
  5. Seems that whenever I cleanup my desktop, it just gets cluttered the day after...
  6. Haha you are too cute! :p

    Yay I'm your first visitor and commentor!

    Hope you enjoy BZ!

  7. Both are 10/10s... but Petra's got more of a beachgirl-swimsuit look 1. Petra. 2. Irina.
  8. This is a no-brainer... 5 for Morgie.
  9. Drastic: Cindy. Flash it: Cindy. Sweet: Natalia. The Best: Natalia. Overall: Natalia.
  10. Wow, look at Trish! So young -------------- Are wings considered part of an outfit? If so, Outfit 1 by 10. If not, Outfit 1 by 6, Outfit 3 by 4.
  11. jman


    Crud I missed the last round <_< Congratz Gisele
  12. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good one :)

  13. Happy Birthday!! Well, for yesterday at least. Hope you had a sweet day :)

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