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  1. 5 stars for taste in music

  2. oh gosh, I keep forgetting to look at my own profile, already two messages from you which I did not see. Happy new year to you to, I hope you had gread holidays!

  3. ich auch, danke x2.

    ;) hope you will have a great weekend!

  4. hey there, had a pretty cool gig with my band on saturday. +it was the first one since ten or eleven years :o btw. just noticed your comment in the post pics of urself thread, thanks for that. Seems u're the only one to click on that link.^^

  5. I am practicing a lot with my band atm :D

  6. oh hi,

    I missed your last comments, sorry. I don't watch my own profile regularly :p how have you been recently?

  7. thanks, yeah it was lovely. even though it was a month it was far too short. but time flies in such cases even more than usual.

  8. thanks for the birthday comment!

  9. thx 4 the birthday wishes

  10. thx 4 the birthday comment

  11. thanks for the birthday wishes!

  12. the name is Jaslene and she won in 2007, yes!

  13. hola from some rather not famous town^^

  14. hola, que tal? I can't help it I just don't like Hailey. Saludos!

  15. Hola, does your post in the "overrated celebs" thread mean you like Hailey Clauson?

  16. si comprendo,

    where is your family located in germany? I guess you don't see them that often, right? hope you had a nice weekend.

  17. yet another avatar comment: hilarious!

  18. :D I meant it in a different way, as in "validating" my vote, not as in "to enumerate" votes ;)

  19. thanks for counting my vote. I entered the thread read some things and at the bottom I saw you were posting, so I knew I was working against the clock.^^

  20. Hola amiga,

    que tal?

    Are you learning German? The way you use it strongly reminds of of my girlfriend.

  21. gracias! yes my gf is back already, luckily.

    good to know your not lost.^^

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