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  1. adriana lima I mean LOOK at Gisele
  2. All of them have nice lips but Adriana Lima is famous for hers.
  3. I said hot because to me she is better than the bug faced models. She is unique and brings something different to the fashion world but she is not hot like sexy...
  4. I love Marios too... DAMN He is sexy Do you have a link for more of his pics?
  5. aww she looks beautiful, thanks for posting!
  6. One of my favorites! She is extremely beautiful!
  7. Caroline Ribeiro looks lik her, well before Janice got all this plastic surgery...
  8. She is one of my all time favorites!Up there with Adriana,Ana,and Isabeli.
  9. It's so cool my friends say I look like her... But i don't i wish!
  10. I think Kate Hudson is beautiful, she's very unique, and she just looks like those people when u get to know them they become more and more beautiful.
  11. I'm surprised at that comment. Yeh, she's a decent actress, but I remember I was in the theater when they said in one of the Spiderman films, that she was the most beautiful woman, in reference to Mary Jane character. I was like, "Then why the heck did they cast Kirsten Dunst?!" I'm sorry, I can't even say she's pretty. She's odd looking to me. <_< I have to agree I actually think she is on the ugly side
  12. September 10 Facts: 1913 - The first paved coast-to-coast U.S. highway opens. 1939 - Canada declares war on Nazi Germany. 1963 - 20 African-American students enter public schools in the U.S. state of Alabama. 1993 - The X-Files premieres on FOX Births: 920 - King Louis IV of France (d. 954) 1169 - Alexius II Comnenus, Byzantine Emperor (d. 1183) Death: 1965 - Father Divine, American religious leader (b. 1880) Holidays: * Calendar of Saints - Virgin of the Wonders; Nicholas of Tolentino * Also see September 10 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics) * Gibraltar - National Day * W
  13. ugh he is crazy! Has been for a while now!! Save Katie get Tom-Alien away from her!!HELP hahah oh my that poor baby! :x
  14. London - Tom Cruise has revealed he plans to eat his new baby's placenta, Ananova.com reports. Cruise's fianc
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