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  1. beautiful group Izabel Goulart Face:60 Body:80 Sexiness:50 Natural Beauty:50 Frankie Rayder Face:90 Body:80 Sexiness:80 Natural Beauty:80 Fernanda Tavares Face:80 Body:80 Sexiness:85 Natural Beauty:80 Adriana Lima Face:100 Body:100 Sexiness:100 Natural Beauty:100 Monica Bellucci Face:70 Body:60 Sexiness:80 Natural Beauty:80
  2. oh well except Doutzen Kroes...She's beautiful.
  3. I got Cintia Dicker :yuckky: lol the quiz is nice and all but all the models are the fugly models... No Adriana.Ana.Isabeli.Tyra.......You get the point.
  4. Gemma Ward Face:30 Body:50 Sexiness:0 Natural Beauty:20 Kim Smith Face:100 Body:100 Sexiness:100 Natural Beauty:100 Jeisa Chiminazzo Face:50 Body:50 Sexiness:30 Natural Beauty:20 Juliana Martins Face:80 Body:70 Sexiness:90 Natural Beauty:80 Susan Ward Face:100 Body:80 Sexiness:90 Natural Beauty:100
  5. Marija Vujovic Carolyn Murphy or Diana Dondoe?
  6. Already another VOGUE Brazil cover? Why don't they want Alessandra?????? :cry2: Thanks btw Angelica Because Isabeli is a 100 times more beauiful
  7. Valentina Lonneke Engel or Maria Carla Boscono
  8. Isabeli but they are both beautiful. Isabeli's face is just more special!
  9. Adriana Lima Isabeli Fontana Natalia Vodianova Karolina Kurkova. No alien faced emaciated chicks.
  10. She's beautiful. reminde me a bit of Lonneke Engel in some pics.
  11. oh and Pietersien is a fairly common SA surname. Her name is also common.
  12. I'm from South Africa. Our ancestors are from all over Europe, so her ancestors are probably from there but she is a SOUTH AFRICAN.
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