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    Ana Beatriz Barros ; Gia Carangi;Angelina Jolie;Gisele Bundchen; Jessica Stam; Bar Rafaeli; Frankie Rayder; Kate Moss; Bianca Balti;Adriana Lima; Isabeli!!!!<br />John Galliano !!!

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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Guten tag!! (I don't know, I just saw some German on this page :p)

    Happy Birthday^_^

  3. haha und ich erst auch so 30 min um back zu schreiben voll die romane ey aber wirklich lol

  4. she was the most beautiful woman on earth and now the most beautiful angel in heaven !! always when i am watching the movie or pictures of her, i feel so sad and have to think about how she would look today
  5. wow i love this one ...thanks so much for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. beautiful pics of her all the way !!! stunning girl !!! love her so
  7. ich brauch immer halbe std um dir zur

  8. wow this girl is hot!!! her eyes are so magnetic !! love her more and more
  9. hab dich auch lieb sistaa !!! :D:D:D war zufall dich gefunden zu haben :P

  10. i love her , she looks really cute !!
  11. alter schwede!!! hab dich lieb !!! :D:D:D ...hammer das du mcih gefunden hast !!!!

  12. ...i saw a movie of her last night ....she is just so adorable !
  13. Happy Birthday! ^_^

  14. she looks a little little liiittle bit ^^ ..like gisele ....
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