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  1. ohhh galway, dublin...I love it!

    I want to visit Dublin sooo much! And I guess close to Galway (Im not sure) on the coast is a rock/ or big stones lol named "giant". I know just czech name but I think in name of this rock is giant and this rock looks like stairs.

    Well, tell me, what Irish people thinks about czech people?

    and is irish nature so beautiful in realit

  2. ..in reality like on the photos?

  3. I love your avatar! ;))))

  4. awww thank you :)

    yes, it means how are you. your czech is good :D

    hmmm plans for summer? maybe...I will go to the sea with my daddy. He wants buy me a air trip for my 18th birthday. but this is a secret..I cant know it! Shhht! :)

  5. I wanna see all ancient monuments..I cant wait!

    I miss BZ, and you, very much! But Im too busy :( :( :(

  6. youre welcome :) Im glad you like it :kiss:

  7. thanks for the friend request! :)))

  8. I wanted to say final exams for this school year, I will study high school 2 years yet.. :/

    How are you? I have holidays for two months, yay! hehe

  9. well hunny, Im back!! Again :) My PC is OK now and Im finally back in Prague!!! Yay!!!

    How are you??

  10. hey hey I have holidays!!! for two months!!! yaaay!!! :clap:

    Im feeling great!!

    and you? have you holidays?? anything new?


  11. how are you honey??

  12. In personal photo??? Yes, There is Petra and Veronika.

  13. really???? I was right?? yay!! you are right too! well, I think you wrote me "have a great weekend too".

    Jaky byl vikend? ;)

  14. my god your pip goes on and on! youre maniac ;)

    how are you? and - lol - how its going with our cyber love?? :laugh: :laugh:

  15. yay Im glad you love her!

  16. Thanks for the friend request hun:)

  17. I know I will love it <3 I love it already now - from pictures I saw.

    Im busy with school, next year I will have fanals at school so I must learn and learn because I have many thing to know and I dont know them lol And I must read over 30 books in one year :/

  18. Lindu mam taky moc rada, je krasna! Ja mam ze slovenek strasne moc rada Adrianu Sklenarikovou. S Lindou je ted video rozhovor na super.cz nebo na stream.cz.

    -Muzes mi prosim poradit? Jak muzu neco napsat (a vlozit obrazky)do "topics" na profilu??? Ja to vubec nemuzu najit.:(

    Jinak HEZKE SVATKY!!

  19. dekuji :) tobe taky stastny novy rok :) a hodne euro! ;) je to velka zmena najednou platit jen eurem??? ja se na to vubec netesim..

  20. Hi! I had problem with my internet :( I couldnt go to BZ and others pages... Noooo, Im not sick already,>> Im OK! ;) Thanks Enca - Can I call you Enca??

  21. Hi, thank you;)

    Wow, I love pics on your profile!

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