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  1. Her face is so beautiful :heart: I'm so happy to see her on the runway I just wish she had a better outfit, I expected a little bit more tbh.

    Edit: After seeing all the outfits from Chanel show I changed my mind, I quite like her outfit now :laugh:

  2. ^^ i think it depends on personal preference. I do prefer Daniela in red color, I think it suits her. i love it when she wears red gowns, I think it goes well with her hair color and face. She wears red and other distinctive colors often so I think her stylist thinks the same :p

  3. ^^ yes, she does mix it with English a lot, she uses English words for Czech words she doesn't know, she's always searching for right words, her word order is quite wierd. Everytime there is an article about her in Czech media she is criticized in comments section by Czechs. A lot of people here think that she's doing it on purpose and they don't like her for it. Few years ago she even hired a translator. Tbh For me, as for her fan, is the fact that she has forgotten her mother language quote disappointing. I rememer a documentary film about Petra for a czech Tv about tsunami and HHF, it was probably in 2006, and she did speak Czech there much better than now. I find it very strange that she doesn't remember her mother language now - only few years later.

    It is true that in Karvina where she is from they have slightly different dialect but they still speak Czech, there is no huge difference. They stress different syllables than the rest of the country and have some special words but they do speak Czech like everyone else in the republic. So I don't think that's the reason why she has forgotten Czech.

    Everytime I hear her speak Czech I think of Paulina Porizkova who left as a small girl and she speaks Czech still very well, even though she has an English accent. Even Madeleine Albright, who is originally Czech, and left with her family when she was about 6 yo speaks Czech surprisingly very well, she actually speaks much better than Petra and I think no Czech person would be surprised if Madeleine didin't speak czech at all, because she is used to speak English since she wasa small kid.

    So probably my only "problem" with Petra is that her Czech is really bad.

    One last thing: on the other hand I must say that she often replies me on instagram in Czech language, depends on which language I use when I comment her photos.

  4. She liked ride in Range Rover, jumped out of airplane and likes adrenaline. When she is in Prague she likes to spend time with her friend Karolina, they work together on Prague Fashion Week. Her favourite country is Haiti, she loves Haitian culture, nature, music and food. When asked about children she says she wants children in the future, but she and her boyfriend are very busy.

    Tbh listening to Petra speaking Czech is torturing my ears. She has forgotten many words and speaks like 5 years old baby.

  5. Yes, she is still so beautiful :heart:

    Yesterday I watched all VS fashion shows she walked and I noticed that they always gave her a basic bra and a long white skirt (once even a short skirt lol). I wonder why they covered her legs every time she stepped on runway. They gave her literally the worst outfits every year, she wore no amazing outfits at all :( except 1998, Daniela and Karen had beautiful sleeves-like wings but even there she had an ugly skirt.

    Funny; the first pic, with the full-length covering, I find just incredibly beautiful and sexy. Can't get enough of it. The second one you could call ugly; the third one is a mini.

    Those long semi-sheer skirts that girls are wearing now with a short skirt underneath, would look sooo much better and sexier with a bikini bottom instead of the short skirt! I'd actually like that look then!


    Tbh I don't like the first outfit at all, I quite like the last one, these wings are amazing. My problem with her outfits js that they are all very similar - similar style, color and fabric. i wish she wore something different, red lingerie for example
  6. I also think she might be pregnant since I saw photos of her in a white dress in Brazil. She clearly had very tiny belly - but who knows, maybe her metabolism has slowed with age. We'll see :p

  7. i wonder if she knew about Gisele's nomination because she mentioned only nomination from her daughter.

    More photos from dailymail:

    Tom isn't the only sports star in the family! Gisele Bundchen shows off supermodel legs during a family soccer game in the park


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