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  1. ^^ thank you for the link. I was asked by HuffPost to participate in the interview and ask Petra questions but I was very busy at that moment, also I noticed the tweet too late :cry: now I'm quite jealous of the other fans who could her ask questions lol

  2. KK at Czech music awards "Cesky slavik", on second photo with her father


    Yesterday she also attended charity event in Prague called Fashion for Kids (she was there also last year) but I don't have any photos yet. I'm glad to see her back in her homecountry more often :wub:

  3. Thanks, i like the article although all articles about her are always the same

    I agree.  She pretty much stays to the same script...even with her boyfriends.  It seems like every man she's with is "the one".

    I think it's mainly "fault" of the interviewers, they always ask her same questions...

    Thank you Avapuha!!! :flower:

  4. Jasmine confirmed on twitter.

    Could you point out where? I'm looking on her twitter and see nothing about her confirming :idk:
    I saw a confirmation on Jasmine's FAKE twitter profile. We have to wait for real Jasmine ;)

    Can someone actually tell me which twitter account is the real one? I have a follow from Jasmine Tookes but I don't know if the account is real or not.

  5. Behati just posted a throwback from the angels plane in 2008, and I know somebody else mentioned someone else with VS posted a pic from an angels plane too. Would be awesome if they are doing it again :chicken:

    I think the photo she posted is from a yacht, not from airplane

    Whopps my bad! Either way doing another angels plane, yacht whatever, would be great :chicken:

    Yup, I definitely agree :D
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