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  1. Gisele B√ľndchen First Catwalk- Twenty years of The Look of the Year 1994

    I believe after this she went onto the Ibiza world finals where she was judged by none other than Linda Evangelista herself! and other 90s top models. They knew a star when they saw her. :p

    Love it! She was so adorable :heart:
  2. Sejaa.com takes you to her website. Last I read on Forbes was Sheseido was interested in buying it...:idk:

    she never promotes her sandals or skincare, only her lingerie. The sandals have enough success by now to not need promotion so I think she mainly focuses on GB Intimates now. I also wonder about Sejaa...It is/was her brand 100% unlike her other brands. (Ipanema being owned by Grendene & GB Intimates being owned by HOPE Lingerie).

    True, I haven't realized that she doesn't promote Ipanema anymore! I wish she was still attending Ipanema photo calls :p

    And Tbh it's wierd that sejaa's website redirects to Gisele's page, she has probably cancelled it :idk:

  3. I think majority of girls from casting calls blend in (especially the blondes, they all look like a same person) no model we'we seen so far is outstanding imo, Alexandria is only girl who has the "wow factor", I have forgotten all other girls except Xenia and Erin because I knew them before the casting call. From casting calls I would pick only Alex and Xenia, the rest is nothing special to be honest.

  4. Yes, she is still so beautiful :heart:

    Yesterday I watched all VS fashion shows she walked and I noticed that they always gave her a basic bra and a long white skirt (once even a short skirt lol). I wonder why they covered her legs every time she stepped on runway. They gave her literally the worst outfits every year, she wore no amazing outfits at all :( except 1998, Daniela and Karen had beautiful sleeves-like wings but even there she had an ugly skirt.

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