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  1. my b-day was like others days...I was in school (I had just finals at school :/ ) but I got some gifts..it was good ;) Ohh, and I had perfect b-day cake! it was full of strawberries..hmm

  2. PS: I miss you in Petra's topic:( :(

  3. Im ok great, thanks! I had a free day..I was all day at home...I slept and slept..hehe

  4. thank you love;) I will miss you!!

  5. wowsa, this happened because of me?? so sorry! :rofl:

    I was looking forward to chat with you on msn but I cant because my msn doesnt work for me! Im so pissed off!

  6. thanks hunny :) :) Im just nervous a bit...you know...

  7. Happy birthday Layla!!!!

  8. hello my love :D

    Im back from greece...flight was ok just sometimes I had strange feelings...In a hotel I had wonderful view on sea, swimming pool and palm tree :) it was beautiful...how are you::

  9. hello!!! I had winderful days!! wonderful!!!!and flight was ok, just sometimes I had strange feelings...but I thint thats ok.I had beautiful wiev on the sea, swimming pool and palm tree.and trips around Crete -I enjoed them all. maybe on msn I'll tell you my horrible adventure.How are you?

  10. you're welcome, I wish you all the best <3

    thanks :kiss:

  11. Im glad you like my set :kiss: P is really amazing, I love her face <3

    how are you bella???

  12. hi!! Im sorry for late reply, I didnt notice your comment :ninja:

    well, Im great, just shool is annoying me... how abou you darling??

  13. jeee! ty umis cesky???

    ..its my pleasure to post petra's pics :)

  14. where are you honey??

  15. wow! I love your set!!! Gi is wonderful!!! I love your sets!!! and...hope you can be my "#1 set maker"!! lol

  16. hmmm, you're right, I was missing you:(I was thinking abz BZ and you every day.

    lol your PIP goes ON! ;);)

  17. wow, Irina Lyshova in your topic looks great!!

  18. Im great! just one month and my holidays will start! heh

  19. hehe I'm glad you like it :))

  20. Hey darling, Im sorry for late reply!

    Well..Im great! And you???

  21. Thanks :)) but...why do you think Im sweet?? hehe

  22. hot avy!! Who was that model in your previous avy????

  23. so Im back from italy. I was in firenze ;) and rome. My god, I love florence sooo much!!! and rome! wow! those cities are FULL of history, I love it!! But florence is florence, wonderful wonderful city <3

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