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  1. happy holidays!!!!! :)

  2. happy holidays!!! :)

  3. happy holidays, ape!!!!!

  4. happy holidays!!!

  5. happy holidays!!!

    and thank you for everything you made me. thanks :kiss:

  6. bonjour!!!

    happy holidays, lisa!!!!

  7. vesele vanoce a stastny novy rok!!!!!

  8. happy holidays dear bella!!!!

  9. happy holidays dear Francy :heart:

  10. happy holidays to Ireland!!!! ;)

    Is there snow???

  11. hello enca! Im sorry for late reply, Im tooo busy :( I miss you! tell me some news!!

    happy holidays!!!

  12. which one do u mean?i didnt got any PM from you

  13. where are you honey??

  14. hi!! Im sorry for late reply, I didnt notice your comment :ninja:

    well, Im great, just shool is annoying me... how abou you darling??

  15. Im glad you like my set :kiss: P is really amazing, I love her face <3

    how are you bella???

  16. my god your pip goes on and on! youre maniac ;)

    how are you? and - lol - how its going with our cyber love?? :laugh: :laugh:

  17. yes, sometimes I go to play but Im not so good as I was :( :(

    change the topic, this is sad to me.

    how was your weekend? (ps: my msn still doesnt work to me! :(

  18. yes! thank you very very much!!! great work! I cant stop watch them :)) Thank youuuuu for your time!!! :hug: :hug: :flower:

  19. wowsa, this happened because of me?? so sorry! :rofl:

    I was looking forward to chat with you on msn but I cant because my msn doesnt work for me! Im so pissed off!

  20. As you played volleyball I played badminton for 9 years! but I injured my leg because of thorough trainink and I had to stop :(

  21. Ohh I had wonderful trip! just our tour guide was bad lol he was 80 (!!) years old, he didnt know what he saying about but I walked around Roma and Florence without him and I was happy :)

    wow, did you play it well?? I dont like this game, I cant play it lol

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