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  1. *looks suave* no im more trying to say that.. if 14 year old me can work it out then so can you :|
  2. lol i worked it out on my own at the wee age of 14 so im sure you guys will be fine
  3. Im not going to provide a tutorial for this for a few of reasons 1) like taben said its pretty much a matter of practise, ive been doing this since i was in high school and have spent a lot of time tweaking and fiddling with my technique 2) nobody ive tried to teach actually likes my technique. it can be quite time consuming and they get fed up with it. its also multi stepped and varies for every picture, i dont even think i could write a tutorial for it but we have plenty of other photoshoppers here im sure someone will provide something. and if not theres always our good friend google
  4. this is a black and white image i added color to by request of outofdark. enjoy
  5. mine kinda goes like.... rriiiiiinggg.... riiiiinggg...
  6. http://www.apple.com/trailers/weinstein/pulse/hd/ trailers for her upcoming movie Pulse
  7. lol fo sure hed be more of a trophy boy than anything else *walks him around on a leash*
  8. :| case closed :raps gavel: I'd say that you couldnt think of anyone, especially females with "sexy veins" but i personally feel that part of Angelina's charm is the fact she has slightly unorthodox looks whilst still being completely sexy, i think the veins are a great part of the package
  9. Who are they sexy on then out of curiosity
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    descending deeper into madness. Just when you think you've hit bottom someone throws you a shovel
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    woah pip fest. sahara dont strain anything. My Chemical Romance - To the End
  12. alright, you have managed to answer one of the FIFTEEN questions put to you in this thread (yes i counted). I guess all the people who suppourted your idea and voted yes in your poll just dont ask cool enough questions. Or looking at it in another way maybe its not the questions its the people who are supposed to be giving answers. So heres a noodle scratcher... why did you create this thread in the first place?
  13. i think her veins are sexy
  14. for my i dont know 17th or 18th birthday I recieved this like... bright green tacky fuzzy toy.. ball thing with a break and felt hands, tied to a string. I cant even describe it but think of the crappy toys you get in show bags or win in fair games. really it was the gift that just kept on giving
  15. Ok this thread is largely inspired by my sister. her boyfriend came home from America the other day and as a gift he got her... wait for it... socks with puppy dogs on them. :|. So whats the worst gift you've recieved from a friend or significant other?
  16. youve answered one question in what 5 days? impressive.
  17. probably some kind of STD virus from the love and sex forum. Rember people always wear protection firefox.
  18. your answer woulda been hilarious if i had been some chuck norris loving, comic reading boy. work to your demographic! if it had been perhaps adriana lima colliding with angelina jolie you woulda been sold
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