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  1. it's so vulgar xD i love vulgar

  2. ohhhh your sig made me lmaaaaaaao

  3. Hey LMS! May i get your permission to use a GIF of Du Juan you made as my siggy? ^_~

  4. Hi liika, love your taste in male models haha

  5. me too its kind of a drag xD PS: my tfs username is Yendor

  6. Oh i just came on to give you a 5 star rating haha, im good how are you?^.^

  7. azure

    How are you Pix?? Haven't seen you around :D

  8. Orbit <3


    everything it downloads is automically converted to FLV

  9. LOL you need to use Orbit instead! It grabs everything including youtube- Im using it and i downloaded the vid into FLV just fine with internet explorer lol

  10. Loove them!! Did you download that program orbit?

  11. PS: its free (i use it) but the grabber only works with Internet Explorer

  12. Hey gal about what you said on Du Juan's thread- Don't you use the program Orbit? It has a thing in it called Grab++ and it downloads youtube and other media vids and they are always downloaded into FLVs. That should be really useful for you if you don't have it

  13. Yes!! Haha, i love your vids btw..im watching them now :P

  14. Wow thank you so much lovely lady <3!

  15. Reeyo :) I havn't seen you around the forum in a long time how are you?? And i noticed i joined BZ only 2 days after you!! What a coincidence!

  16. DUDE your sig freaking confused me!! LOL

  17. Hey Lime, im good how about you? And yes i have been neglecting the general-talk threads lately. Probably because there has been enough of that irl

  18. Hi! Thank you for your comment on the 'most beautiful face' thread :) it is a very exciting time for asian models, japan and china are the biggest luxury markets and they have more opportunities than ever before

  19. azure

    she's so lovely ;)

  20. oh my gosh i love your avatar it's beautiful

  21. Honestly, im still getting used to the idea that i am a fully-fledged adult :/ Anyways im adding your ass Squeege :)

  22. Love your taste in models.. and happy (late) birthday! You must be an Aries like me :)

  23. azure

    hey there, glad you like Ming isnt she fabulous? have a nice day

  24. thank you so much darling Reeyo <3

  25. azure

    thank you, we're the same age lol!

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