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  1. What?!?! No Sara Sampaio in this year's SI Swimsuit issue? This is an outrage!
  2. Didn't see this one... my favorite of her... careful though, the shirt is a bit see through... don't know if that's allowed or not. If not, admin please feel free to delete.
  3. love the photos...except for her hair... prefer it longer. Can't complain though!
  4. so this is where she's been hiding... well worth the wait. We need an encore!
  5. that is the most beautiful, classy photo shoot Maxim has ever done...
  6. still hot, but they could have picked a better photo of her...
  7. in my opinion she looks like a combination of (meaning has features of) GIsele and Alessandra Ambrosio... which means she's SUPER HOT!
  8. That's kind of odd. I would think they would love the free publicity of one of the top models of the world wearing their brand. If anything, women visiting this site would be more inclined to buy the suits after seeing them online. strange.
  9. never really liked Adam Levine's music...only his taste in women.
  10. she was definitely one of my top three in this year's SI Swimsuit issue...
  11. Seriously, just dedicate the whole next issue to Nina Agdal. No need to look for other models. Case closed.
  12. oh and I forgot to mention Jessica Gomes in China… man, that first photo as I opened up the issue did it for me. WOW.
  13. Ok, so i have just received my copy and am impressed as usual…great issue. However, I didn't want to say anything until I saw the issue to confirm, and now that I have, I'll give my honest opinion. After seeing the issue, I do not think that Kate Upton was a good choice for the cover. At all. She is a beautiful girl/woman and I actually I from what I've seen she has a cool personality, but that photo is lame. Forget the fact that it looks so touched up and photoshopped (is that really Antarctica in background or did SI call George Lucas for some tips on using a blue screen??) This is the SI SWIMSUIT issue…the stuff of legend. It comes out in winter in the US. It's supposed to be herald in the SUMMER. Part of what made SI sooooo much better than magazines like Maxim and Playboy is that the photos were very natural… the scenery was just as beautiful as the models, sometimes even more so. The cover in my humble opinion doesn't do the franchise justice. It looks like it couldn't been for Maxim or FHM…not SI. Again, I think that Kate Upton is absolutely gorgeous and nothing personal against her, but I feel that because she's become SO HUGE in the US, SI put her on the cover because they would probably sell more magazines. She has become a household name/face with her many TV commercials and the doogie video, her appearances in GQ, and now in all of the Hollywood gossip columns. Kate sells magazines, pure and simple. However, there are so many stunning and in my opinion better shots of others in the magazine…Emily, Cintia, Irina, Alyssa, Anne V, Chrissy, Nina, Julie, Ariel and others that surely one of those could have made the cover. Again, just my opinion. Congratulations Kate on your second consecutive cover. SI though... I think you may have sold out.
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