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  1. Happy Birthday Watermelon!!! Have a nice day!!! :)

  2. ^ Wow, thanks Dionyx Credit to Destiny
  3. Happy Birthday Desti!!! :hug:

  4. :shock: +1000 messages in less than a month! Olympic record. Congrats MF!
  5. Hi, I found a blog about this, but... only display first names (except for... Judith!) #3 is Roxanne, too
  6. Hmmm... about model #2 I found only her name: Roxanne She's very pretty...
  7. Your set looks very sexy! (Oh god, your sig :woot: ) Now I'm going to Helena's thread!!!

  8. Yahoo!!! :hell yea!: Credits: * Freundin * Christian Gaul * My Patience
  9. THANK YOU! PS: About W.R. Editorial, I think that is a german magazine
  10. From Bloomingdale's - Spring '08 Scanned by Master Yoda (Thanks (Y) )
  11. From Bloomingdale's Catalog (Spring '08) Credit to my friend Master Yoda (Thanks (Y) )
  12. From Bloomingdale's Catalog. (Spring '08) Scanned by Master Yoda (Thanks master! (Y) )
  13. oh my goshhh... She's so hot!
  14. and... the last ones: Credit to Macy's... and my Patience :|
  15. You're welcome Destiny! Well, you know... I love my mexican goldfish... ...
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