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  1. I'm sorry for my delay in replying Thanks everybody for your help! I'll post those scans later
  2. ... --.-- Credit to Macy's and my patience * Special thanks to Destiny for letting me know (Y)
  3. ^ Nice pics! thanks! More: ...
  4. Who are these girls? (From Bloomingdale's Catalog)
  5. #5 Credits: * Becca (swimwear collection) * My Patience
  6. Lingerie Credits: * Macy's * My Patience * Special thanks to Destiny
  7. :shock: OMG!!!!!!!!!! :drool: Good job mikerw!!! (Y)
  8. Thank you Destiny!!! Ok, more scans: http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t180226_Anahi...Dalyscan075.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t180225_Anahi...Dalyscan076.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t180224_Anahi...Dalyscan077.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t180223_Anahi...Dalyscan078.jpg Scanned by Master Yoda (THX!)
  9. Yeah, finally, Cosmo 08 scans!!! Well Done Destiny!!!
  10. Ambrielle Collection: http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t178092_anahijcp.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t178114_anahijcp2.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t178113_anahijcp3.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t178112_anahijcp4.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t178111_anahijcp5.jpg Special Thanks to Master Yoda
  11. Ambrielle Collection: http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t177927_anahiJC1893.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t177935_anahiJC1894.jpg http://www.10pix.com/out.php/t177936_anahiJC1895.jpg Special Thanks to Eliana
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