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  1. heyy man long time no talk xD remember me?!? well I have a new account on here. I thought I lost my pw for this one..but on my mama's computer it was saved XDD anywho.. Its bananaxcupcake :]

    miss yoU!


  2. MEOW MEOW damn dude i havent been on here for like 48487 years =( boo! I missed you :) tehe ^_^


  3. Heyy how did you know my name was ashley? haha xDDD But anywho :) Thannkk you so mucchh lover hehe ^_^ may I have it as my name? :) Pweez??

  4. eeeek >_< Pweez? hehe. Only once? mm o.O sucks Buutttt please help :)

  5. I do. If you want it, let me know and I'll be happy to replace my tag into your name I want it Tag : Limalicious Well, technically it's Ashely's since she asked first. Sorry Zahia But I'll be happy to make you one from a different vid. Just let me know I do. If you want it, let me know and I'll be happy to replace my tag into your name Hot Hot hoottttt *heart attack*... can you make me one too? Sure, from what video? -GOES LOCO- hahaha sorry I havent been on for the weekend BUUUTTTTT damn o_o May I have it as my lil avatar?? :] With mee name? tehe <3 THANK YOUUUU DALLINNG haha. o.O Im hyper sorry >_<
  6. Of course I'll be your teddy bear!! But only if I get to wear a bow around my head And Limalicious, I'm 14. But I'm done growing, if that's why you're asking. I've had some issues with my knees and doctors have done X-rays on them and they can tell how much more you're going to grow by how big the gap is between your kneecap and a certain bone and they told me that that gap is closed. So I'm destined to be 4'7'' for the rest of my life. I don't think that I'm that short though! Really I dont, I'm completely delusional. Someone will say 'Haha, you're so short!' to me and I'll just be like 'Oh please, you're only a couple of inches taller than me' and then they'll look at me weird and say 'I'm 5'11''' So I think that I'm completely normal... Even though I'm not. (Sorry for getting so off topic) YAY I HAVE A TEDDY BEARR Wow....we are totally off topic >_< ever since I mentioned "5'8" haha. Im like the tallest in my house, and i'm the youngest But my sister is like 5' and i'm so much taller then her, and if your 4'7 0_0 I wonder how short that is.. o.O BUT ANYWAY I like this picture, and I think its my first time spotting it! Repost?????????
  7. OKAY on this video at the time 01:54 Does anyone have the GIF?? PLLLLEEASSEEE tell me )
  8. Awww maaann :anger: It didn't show http://youtube.com/watch?v=3C9oTb9U_t4
  9. O_O I saw this yesterday And It seriously made my night <333 I lovveeee how she looks at 00:13 Her lips look so plump and damn right SEXAY XD <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C9oTb9U_t4"></param><param'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C9oTb9U_t4"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3C9oTb9U_t4" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>
  10. Aw I never even saw that commercial ....until now of course x] heh! The only ones I've seen of her are the ones where's alone o_o Theeeyy make me haappy XDD
  11. heyy i was wondering how do you make a little..board thingy. Oh,..haha its called a "topic" Im guessing??

    Please help :)

  12. hahhaa aww =/ well I have a suckky name as well...ashley o_o I hate it >_< I want to change it DAMN PARENTS -_- grr!

    Cute nickname tho' hun :)

    Ughh I wanna change my name [on this site haha] Because ...its hellah lonnggg x[

  13. lol laffy taffy is 4'7. o_o i want a laffy taffy..even if there was a period in my life where i started to hate those mcfu&^ers XD
  14. does anyone have the pictures, where she's backstage and shes wearing grilz??????
  15. Aw! You take your 5'8'' and enjoy it; There's nothing wrong with being that height! (^There is, however, something very wrong about that^) <_< Oh an your sig probably got removed because it's too big :| Your 4'7? AH thats so cute..lol.... No im serious (= I like short people XDD Can I make you my teddy bear? Aww damnit I needa make it smaller -pouts- Thankk you for telling me
  16. lmfao Damn right you are! XDD

    Ahh your name reminds me of two things.

    A; laffy taffies the candy o_o


    B; the song "laffy taffy' XD If only if only we could add music to our lil pages ...like myspace xP

    Anywho..Welllll she taught you well, and if I were infront of you right now, i'd be nodding my head :DD

  17. On your myspace; Im a old man who is gonna add you :DDD lmfao!!!!!

  18. PS: i know off topic and all..But how come my Siggy won't show I re-read the rules.....
  19. Dude I first spelled it "ways" as well..o_o eh..Just had to say that xD Anywho, thaankk you..Mmmm, she wouldnt seem as if she'd weigh that much o.O Maybe all of her weight travels through her body considering she's 5'11. AHH I WANNA BE 5'11 Im only 5'8 :anger: Annd your welcome Sabriana <-I hope I spelled it right!
  20. there should be a sabriana forum :| -makes one- By the way; Does anyone know how much adriana weighs? Damn..I do sound like a stalker. But I wanna know
  21. I la-lovee your signature xDD

  22. Thank you! GAH i can't stop starring at your lil baby picture, its effing adorable!! XD ....o_o ima stop talking, i sound like a stalker
  23. Oh... It's working for me... Is it not working for anybody else? Heres a link to it. Also, I had never seen the Lenny Kravitz video for 'Yesterday is Gone' even though I'd looked for it many times because I knew that Adriana was in it. Well I finally found it so I'm posting it just in case there's anyone else like me, who has never seen it. You can see her at 1:21 and 1:23... (If you're like me the your probably thinking 'Thats it?'... and yah. It is. <_< I know they probably had tonnes of footage from his tour that they wanted to fit into the video but for goodness sake it's Adriana Lima!! Show her for a bit longer! And maybe show her face as well!) Ah Yeah agreed. To me personally, Adriana is more famous then Lenny...well to me And The only part I saw of her, was the side of her face WTF? -_- Oh, btw the other video showed Thank you. Ah I was wondering if anyone had that GIF of adriana, where she's says "shh"?? There's a picture for it as well Im guessing, she's sitting on the glass spraying perfume on her neck or something like that.
  24. Does anyone have the pictures, of miranda where she's showing her grill? and thank you for the website. Cool pictures.
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