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    My Grandma & Aunt<333<br />Cars<br />Video Games<br />Beeeer (= yes I drink at a under age.<br />Parties.<br />My newest cell phone.<br />My pets.<br /><br />----------------<br />Adriana lima<3<br />Alessandra Ambrosio<br />Miranda kerr<br />Ana beatriz<br />Gisele Bundchen<br />Selita Ebanks<br />Josie Maran<br />Bianca Balti
  1. heyy man long time no talk xD remember me?!? well I have a new account on here. I thought I lost my pw for this one..but on my mama's computer it was saved XDD anywho.. Its bananaxcupcake :]

    miss yoU!


  2. Aw cuteeeeee. Why you meowing? o.O ... XD Well, How are youuuuu?!

  3. MEOW MEOW damn dude i havent been on here for like 48487 years =( boo! I missed you :) tehe ^_^


  4. I went thru your comments ahaha :laugh: :ninja: :P

    Anyways, I finally found time the other day and I posted the avatar with your name on it ^_^

  5. Hey there my sister from a different mister!

    What's upppppp?


  6. lol ! meeep did oyu already add me on myspace because if you did i think i denied it ! i only add ppl if i know who they are ! try adding me again and i will accept (: lol

  7. Well... why don't you change it to 'Pweez' Heheheeeee... Well I dunno... Do you have any nicknames?

  8. Heyy how did you know my name was ashley? haha xDDD But anywho :) Thannkk you so mucchh lover hehe ^_^ may I have it as my name? :) Pweez??

  9. eeeek >_< Pweez? hehe. Only once? mm o.O sucks Buutttt please help :)

  10. I do. If you want it, let me know and I'll be happy to replace my tag into your name I want it Tag : Limalicious Well, technically it's Ashely's since she asked first. Sorry Zahia But I'll be happy to make you one from a different vid. Just let me know I do. If you want it, let me know and I'll be happy to replace my tag into your name Hot Hot hoottttt *heart attack*... can you make me one too? Sure, from what video? -GOES LOCO- hahaha sorry I havent been on for the weekend BUUUTTTTT damn o_o May I have it as my lil avatar?? :] With mee name? tehe <3 THANK YOUUUU DALLINNG haha. o.O Im hyper sorry >_<
  11. (continued)

    ... username you should do it. You can only do it once though... I would suggest picking a name that you want everyone to call you. That's why I changed mine; I was sick of everyone calling my LimaIsLove. I can send you a link to the name change thread if you like?

  12. Ashely is a perfectly normal name.. well I know some people who don't like their names because they're too normal. Like they think there name isn't special enough because they know other people who have the same name. I mostly hate my name because I think it sounds like a stripper name... I don't mind that it's weird because I'm pretty weird. ^^ If you wanna change your use

  13. Of course I'll be your teddy bear!! But only if I get to wear a bow around my head And Limalicious, I'm 14. But I'm done growing, if that's why you're asking. I've had some issues with my knees and doctors have done X-rays on them and they can tell how much more you're going to grow by how big the gap is between your kneecap and a certain bone and they told me that that gap is closed. So I'm destined to be 4'7'' for the rest of my life. I don't think that I'm that short though! Really I dont, I'm completely delusional. Someone will say 'Haha, you're so short!' to me and I'll just be like 'Oh please, you're only a couple of inches taller than me' and then they'll look at me weird and say 'I'm 5'11''' So I think that I'm completely normal... Even though I'm not. (Sorry for getting so off topic) YAY I HAVE A TEDDY BEARR Wow....we are totally off topic >_< ever since I mentioned "5'8" haha. Im like the tallest in my house, and i'm the youngest But my sister is like 5' and i'm so much taller then her, and if your 4'7 0_0 I wonder how short that is.. o.O BUT ANYWAY I like this picture, and I think its my first time spotting it! Repost?????????
  14. OKAY on this video at the time 01:54 Does anyone have the GIF?? PLLLLEEASSEEE tell me )
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