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  1. heyy man long time no talk xD remember me?!? well I have a new account on here. I thought I lost my pw for this one..but on my mama's computer it was saved XDD anywho.. Its bananaxcupcake :]

    miss yoU!


  2. MEOW MEOW damn dude i havent been on here for like 48487 years =( boo! I missed you :) tehe ^_^


  3. Heyy how did you know my name was ashley? haha xDDD But anywho :) Thannkk you so mucchh lover hehe ^_^ may I have it as my name? :) Pweez??

  4. eeeek >_< Pweez? hehe. Only once? mm o.O sucks Buutttt please help :)

  5. heyy i was wondering how do you make a little..board thingy. Oh,..haha its called a "topic" Im guessing??

    Please help :)

  6. hahhaa aww =/ well I have a suckky name as well...ashley o_o I hate it >_< I want to change it DAMN PARENTS -_- grr!

    Cute nickname tho' hun :)

    Ughh I wanna change my name [on this site haha] Because ...its hellah lonnggg x[

  7. lmfao Damn right you are! XDD

    Ahh your name reminds me of two things.

    A; laffy taffies the candy o_o


    B; the song "laffy taffy' XD If only if only we could add music to our lil pages ...like myspace xP

    Anywho..Welllll she taught you well, and if I were infront of you right now, i'd be nodding my head :DD

  8. On your myspace; Im a old man who is gonna add you :DDD lmfao!!!!!

  9. I la-lovee your signature xDD

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