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  1. ahh..im g0od..nababagot p din :) u

  2. thank you!! they dont look like sister at all
  3. wo0w..nice, haha dnt freak out..everything wil gona be olryt..lilipas dn yan ul c..:p

  4. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/store/catalog/...&icid=home2 she has video in it..... shes gorgeous as evah *faints*
  5. umm..mdami e..haha..exactly mlayu sa skit ulo...today?ok lng..boring.kaw?

  6. wala nga e, bukas na valentines la pa rin.. ok lng..gs2 klng kc mkadate yng isa sa mga mhal kng models.. haayy.. weird?u bet.

  7. seriouly, i cnt spill out anything except fascinating ! dude tnx 4 psting, im totally diggin dat photo @ DVF aw!
  8. is she still sporting dat crappy extention?haler, its n0t w0rking! nevertheless,fabulous at ads! kip coming baby!kip coming
  9. yeah cnt w8 for d epsde of her as well..wish u guys upload it n youtube she looks hot!!! i want a piece of her...by d way, is still dating that black guy?
  10. ahh..well congratz heehe buti kpa..nwy,, gudlak xa luvlyf :)

  11. by d way bwt xa topic m xa guy in ur skol i think he likes u :) uyyy

  12. my realname is archjaspher,jaspher 4 short nlng..iloilo ko. hehe..ur name?

  13. Oo na nga haha..anyway taga asan ka?

  14. ahh..ngek, indi naman ah ..anyway, tnx a lot mwah:)

  15. Oo haha.. Who's Frankin J??

  16. SWEET!! salamat.. or Thank You! [email protected]@

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