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  1. I'm not interested in any of the questionable shoots she may have done, but I would be interested in hearing the criticism of some of the people she works with.
  2. She really is. For my tastes, women don't get any better than her. She's up there alongside Steph Rayner and Anna Louise for hottest chick alive in my book.
  3. What do you mean about miracles?
  4. She is truly goddess-tier beautiful.
  5. I haven't bought an SISE in years, and looking at the recent trends I don't see that changing anytime soon. The SE was supposed to be about celebrating beautiful women for beauty's sake, but the morons who run it have gone the opposite way. Now, we get oldie, ugly, and fatty in the magazine with one or two genuine hotties. Even then they take the rare good looking chick and put her in the most frumpy, ugly, unappealing outfits imaginable. I don't understand what happened to my formerly beloved SE. SMH.
  6. My word, she's a goddess level beauty!
  7. Great Googly Moogly. She's a goddess.
  8. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of lingerie in the first place? Whenever my exes ever dressed up for me, they might have been uncomfortable, but they never had their outfit on for very long. Being sexy is the whole point. I agree about Taylor's short hair. She looks sexy as fuck. Damned if she isn't climbing up the ladder in my personal rankings.
  9. You make a great point. VS hasn't been a sexy brand for a while now. Despite having some of the most stunningly beautiful women working for them, and a great marketing/advertising team, they are incredibly boring style wise.
  10. I don't know why she waited until now to bring the heat, but God bless her for it.
  11. Nice set of hooters on that girl.
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