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  1. well i'm glad u had a fantastic grad day!! ahhhh i remember those days (it was like 18 yrs ago lol)....well tomorrow is 4th of July, so the big hoopla with the fireworks and all that rubbish...yay lol...it's just another day for me...ZZZZZZ boring!!! anyway, take care, Michael, enjoy your weekend!!

  2. OMG are u ok? i'm so sorry u have to go thru all that aggro....i'm ok, just bored here, but i will be in London at the end of the month and then on to ireland to see my husband...so that's keeping me going here...i've kinda gotten bored even with BZ, so not on it that much anymore...again, so sorry about ur news..if there's anything i can do, please let me know..i may be far aw

  3. hey is it true that Will is a father? that he had a daughter? somebody told me the other day but not sure if it's a rumour or not.....have u heard anything? oh, dont mean to be rude, but how are u?

  4. that sounds fantastic!! i'm off work til 8 Sept (grrr my bday lol) so i've all summer to do whatever...well def will go to eire to visit my husband and some shopping in the UK....other than that, nothing planned...i can tell for me it'll be a boring summer lol....take care!!

  5. hey michael, great set for ur sig and avie!! beautiful!! btw, how've ya been? any plans for the summer?

  6. oh that's ok no worries!! i'm good!! i'm off for the summer til 8 Sept (my bday grrr lol)..i'm going to the UK and Ireland to visit my hubby in August...yay!!

  7. hey i'm grand...i wrote to u on FB a while back but u never responded....anyhoo take care!!

  8. hey steven, thanks a lot for the info...i'll wait a few more days and then if it doesnt show up, i'll try another site like u suggested!!

  9. hey buddy, how's it going? i'm not sure why my avie isn't coming up...sad to see only a question mark there (?)...do u think u know why it's not showing up anymore?

  10. Hi Ben!! i added u to my friend's list, if that's ok with u :)...we seem to have so many models whom we both love!! enjoy your weekend!!

  11. wow that is just awesome!! i know it wont be easy but it will be a memory you'll never forget!! i wish u and ur future hubby the best of luck in life!! take care now....~Chris~

  12. hey jewel! so glad to have seen ya in Chris's thread!! i'm off to london again this august...wish me luck lol..hope ur well and i have ur email addy, right? hmmm i better go check lol....chat soon!! ~Chris~

  13. yes, i KNOW u like it HOT laddie lol...*thinking naughty thots* :P

  14. YAY!! YOU'RE FINISHED!! so happy for u!! i'm doing a little better, trying to get by day after day!! it has been hot here too...was 105 the other day lol...miss ya buddy!!

  15. hey steven!! just stopping by to say HELLO BUDDY!!!

  16. hey how's it going? long time, no hear lol...hope ur doing well?

  17. YAY!! i'm so happy for you!! so a bit of a long engagement which is good...why rush it lol...my hubby and i were engaged for 18 months...

  18. wow that's just awesome, toni!! i'm so happy for ya both...so have u set a date yet? my hubby and i want to renew our vows in Ireland in front of a castle...ahhh how romantic :)

  19. hey steven how are u? hope ur doing well? i am not doing that good as i miscarried my baby...i'm so down and trying to be all happy on the outside but i'm in total pain on the inside...anyway take care ok....

  20. OMG i KNOW!! i saw it on ur Facebook page....wow, congrats, Toni!! is it the lad whom u said you're "just friends" with lol...well i wish ya the best of luck and again, congrats on this most wonderful of news!!

  21. hey i sent u a PM regarding the posting of pics...hope u read it...if ya have any other questions, feel free to PM me back!! take care now!! ~chris~

  22. hey what's up? i dont get on here much anymore but wanted to say "hi"...how's life?

  23. lol thanks for the sharing the pic!! awesome in it!! thanks again!! i'm still sick, so i get on here like once in a blue moon...i cant get this fever of 103 down :(

  24. hey Michael, thanks for the happy belated easter greeting...back at ya!! i've pneumonia so i've been really out of it...but yeah send me a pic if ya want, that would be awesome!! take care now and enjoy the rest of your week!!

  25. hey michael, is that u in your prof pic? awesome!! how r u?

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