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  1. Yeah I'm closer to graduating. I don't have many classes left. It's going to depend on my financial aid though so we'll see how things play out.

  2. Yeah I heard you had a baby. And a second one on the way? That's great. I'm sure you make a great mom. Sorry things fell apart with your boy. Sounds like a jerk. I'm doing okay by the way. Thanks for asking!

  3. Hey I didn't notice your comment. I don't check my own page that often anymore. In any case I've been okay these days. How about yourself? I haven't talked to you in a while. Doing okay?

  4. What up. Not bad. Yourself?

  5. Happy birthday. :)

  6. I got your message. I'm about to respond to it. I had just forgotten in recent days. I don't come here that much to talk anymore.

  7. Oh "haha" very funny. You're just making other women feel bad now!

  8. I'm officially jealous of your boyfriend. ^.^

  9. Nothing much either. You have a MySpace, Facebook? Anything like that?

  10. Hey how ya doin? ^.^

  11. Hmmm...perhaps I should check out the Japanese version then. I haven't listened to it yet.

  12. Oh "Simple and Clean"? Yeah I love that song. Have it on my iPod haha. I wasn't really feeling her song for the second game though, "Passion".

  13. Yeah Kingdom Hearts rocks. I'm a really big fan. Can't wait for the third one in like two or three years hahaha.

  14. Ness

    Oh yeah, I have tons of signatures on tons of forums.

  15. Ness

    I'm assuming you mean different signatures.

  16. Oh yeah, thanks! ^.~

  17. Oh, it's a really nice forum and all the people here are pretty friendly. I like it. ^.^

  18. Ness

    Wait, two different sets? Hunh?

  19. Hey. I'm doing quite well. How about you?

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