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  1. From 2022: Camila Dunne & Karen Sirko💖 My fav characters in the book, btw Credit goes to Suki Waterhouse
  2. @Jade Bahr as someone who has read a book, I will say that the show will break your heart. In the most beautiful way 💔🌺
  3. I'm not thrilled with that either. And I also feel misunderstanding. But recently I came across an article about a very similar situation https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/article/jenna-ortega-percy-hynes-allegations-opinion So, as much as I worry about Margot, I have to remember that she is an absolute stranger whose decisions I have no influence on. I very much hope it doesn't get any worse tho.
  4. You're right that he shouldn't have been chosen at all. In defense of Margot, I think she's speaking from her own experience. Brad could be very nice to other people and he has been portraying the remorse of a former alcoholic for quite some time. + cancel culture very complicates the situation by blurring the lines between justifiable outrage and "witch hunt"
  5. Maybe she'll secretly get this t-shirt😏 #shipper dreams @Jade Bahr deuxmoi still not the most reliable, but yeah, it was quite expected Always was
  6. I don't mind, but it's unlikely to happen. Only if Leo doesn't decide to surprise Pretty messy, but the performances are good (except for Jared, he was too clownish, although it may be the fault of whoever wrote his character). Lady Gaga is incredibly charismatic
  7. ⬆️I can't believe someone still not over it. This meme is old lol
  8. My prayers were answered 😅 Thank you all for the content❤️
  9. I previously mentioned Margot's fashion renaissance in her thread, but I think Cami's style upgrade is also worth an attention. I've always liked her style, but in the last 2 years it's just impeccable and works 100% for her. I also noticed that dark colors dominate in her outfits and it's really cool🖤 Last year's faves: Versace and Burberry
  10. Lilja K

    Margot Robbie

    Yeah. Style is important but not the most and I love her for her combination of incredible talent and divine beauty. But personally I'm happy to see Margot in outfits worthy of her beauty❤️
  11. @Jade Bahr sorry to hear about your health problems, I wish you to recover sooner 🌺 I'm just going to whine that we haven't received any content about upcoming projects for quite some time😩😔
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