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  1. I really like this lady and her page. She doesn't shove her political views down your throat every other post. she doesn't post incorrect nutritional facts to pose as a health influencer or the same workout routine every model has. Personally, I feel a few people don't like Taylor as much because she keeps it to herself, she doesn't "stick her butt (or tongue) out in every damn photo", she hasn't dated Leo DiCaprio, or any celebrity for that matter and so on. She does her thing her own way. And obviously she'll get flack for that. Still, she's richer and more accomplished than any of us so... whatever.
  2. I haven't, but someone posted on IG a scene of it with Taylor. Apparently, she's a hostess at a restaurant. Hopefully, it's not just a cameo.
  3. Well, no one called anyone anything here. From my part, I was clearly referring to a remark that was made. Now, taking disagreements to PMs is a funny one. Anyways. I apologize. Hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings. Thanks for the clean up.
  4. Quick edit of Taylor at the Etro S/S 2021 Show Taylor Etro 2020.mp4
  5. I think the woman looks phenomenal. Thanks, Archana.
  6. When the question is so dumb the devil registers just to answer...
  7. Taylor for Lancôme (source) 119226364_1053909635068265_7352329411044368674_n.mp4
  8. Taylor for Lancôme (source) 119439869_1164820173902129_9171371340504237425_n.mp4
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