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  1. heeey...thanx for the birthday wishes, i just saw it now >.< (i forget to check my comments so...sorry .. and thank you ^_^)

  2. thanks for wishing me happy birthday ^_^ (i'm super slow, sorry xD )

  3. ugh, i just saw that you wished me happy birthday >.< i forget to check these comments lol...so..thank you! ^___^

  4. aha, iz novog sada ^_^ sry zaboravim da proveravam ove komentare pa nisam odmah videla :)

  5. there's no point in resisting it...Ruki's power is to great >=) xDDD

  6. hi...i think i have an account there but i haven't posted enough that i could send an invitation..:( sorry...you should ask cypress or some of the mods here or admins...maybe they can help :)

  7. i have no idea, i found him on some fashion site and have been drooling on my keyboard because of him ever since xD <3 <3 <3

  8. try looking on deviantart.com ... they have some usefull tutorials, and a lot of brushes end textures ^_^

  9. i think i did...but i changed it's color and lightness and set the layer to "lighten" ^^

  10. lol tnx <3 actually i don't really know...i just did random stuff in photoshop and it turned out like this O_O x)

  11. what? why is she banned? T_T say hi to her too <3

  12. tnx ^_^ and I'm glad u like the set ^^

  13. huh? only one what? :? lol

  14. tnx ^_^ (destiny makes great sets,doesn't she? x] :heart: )

  15. wow...they're really amazing <333

  16. I just have 1 question for u lol...I love the quotes in ur siggy....where are they from? :unsure: (:

  17. tnx lol...I love all ur pics,they're really cool ^_^

  18. xD I didn't see u've changed it ... ha... I love this one too LoL <3

  19. ok i guess....but I have sooo much to study I don't get time for anything else <_< stupid school...but ... in little less then a month I have a spring break so I'm gonna be here more often... :ddr: ^_^ P.S. I love ur Gis set too :brows:

  20. I'm baaaack... ^_^ :hug:

  21. yay!! glad I could help <3 ^_^

  22. for what set? this one with magda? or the Valentines day with that couple?

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