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  1. 1985 April. Vogue Italy. Source: Vogue archive
  2. I know that these two last editorials are not new, but I never saw them with Daniela's pictures together with Ashley's pictures. 1984 June issue of Vogue Italy.
  3. 1984-6 Vogue Italy. vogue archives. Also showing Daniela Ghione.
  4. Spring - summer 1988 Ferre ads. February 1988 Vogue Italy. Vogue archive
  5. More ads from the same issue. Also showing other models whose names I don't know.
  6. A very young Ashley in an ad for Les Lunis. 1983 February. Italian Vogue.
  7. I am sorry but I don't think she is Ashley.
  8. Very beautiful editorial. Totally new to me. Many many thanks.
  9. Thank you very much. I never saw these before.
  10. Very beautiful, thanks very much
  11. Very hard to say.... I don't know
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