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  1. 1985 March Harper's Bazaar Source: BlueOrchid on tfs
  2. SOO rare and beautiful. Thanks a lot MissP :)))
  3. December 1979, Mademoiselle "Secrets From A Super Spa" Models: Lisa Ryall and unidentified male model Photo: Steven Silverstein Source: Internet Archive Insets:
  4. November 1979, Mademoiselle "Dress up" Featuring Lena Kansbod, unknown and Lisa Ryall Photos by Patrick Demarchelier Source: Internet Archive
  5. October 1979, Mademoiselle "Makeover" Make up by Joey Mills and photos by Patrick Demarchelier Source: Internet Archive bigger
  6. 1983 Avon Source: Instagram
  7. "Jeanne Marc" ads. Early 1980s I suppose.
  8. August 1978, Glamour Source: Instagram
  9. January, 1979. Mademoiselle Noxema ad Source: Internet Archive
  10. October 1978, Mademoiselle "Best Buys" Models: Bitten Knudsen, Michelle Stevens, Claudia Cron, Nancy Donahue and unidentified male models. Photos: Patrick Demarchelier Source: Internet Archive
  11. August 1978, Mademoiselle Cutex print ad Source: Internet Archive
  12. July 1978, Mademoiselle "Try romance" Models: Bitten Knudsen and unidentified male model Photos: Patrick Demarchelier "Fastest, easiest Health and Beauty System" Photos: Patrick Demarchelier Source: Source: Internet Archive Same editorials but this time from Instagram
  13. June 1978 Mademoiselle Elizabeth Arden print ad Source: Source: Internet Archive
  14. May 1978, Mademoiselle "You'll Live in ..." Models: Bitten Knudsen, Michelle Stevens Photos: Arthur Elgort Make up: Joey Mills Source: Internet Archive, the last picture from Ebay
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