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    My Interests are BOYS BOYS BOYS i mean ther so hansom... well not all boys but most of them are lol

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  1. I got Something For You's And Go To Face Book And Search His Name I Dont No If Its Fake Account But Its WOrth A Shot Heres His Profile Picture
  2. True religion jeans male model who is he I don't got a picture he's usually. In maxim sometimes GQ he got like dirty blonde almost light brown hair. His hair is kinda jaw lenth he's awesome if anyone knows his name please tell me
  3. He's a true religion jeans model his hair is kinda like a dirty blonde his ads are in maxim and GQ alot he's beautiful is anyone knows him please tell me his name or somthing
  4. theres this lady. every week or so she sends her clothes to the laundry. every week she isin't happy with the way her clothes come out. so she decides to send a note every time she sends her clothes that say's "use more soap on panties" but still nothing so she keeps sending her clothes and note. one week she gets her clothes delivered to her she see's a note that says " WE USE PLANTY SOAP USE MORE PAPER ON ASS".
  5. i really dont no how to help. i'm a 34D sorry i got big ones lmao
  6. hi Stephanie!! thanks for viewing my profile!! I too am a fan of Lars...but a HUGE fan of Andrew Cooper...check out his thread...he's a hottie :-) but so is Lars...i'm from California!! Hope life in NY for u is fun!! take care!!

  7. I love this show. Frankie And Casey Are My Fav's From the Girls Shannon And Holly. But Who Do You Guys thinks Gonna Win?
  8. OMG I Cannot Beleive That Helio Won. I Really Thought M&M was gonna win i'm so MAD
  9. Lars Burmeister Is The Perfect Man He Is The Hottist Guy On Planet Earth!!!
  10. #1 lars burmeister duh! #2 Mathias i forgot his last name lol #3 Robert Iler .. you no aj soprano hottie #4 Romulo pires #5 Tyson Ballou #6 Justin Timberlake #7 leonardo decaprio #8 John Gotti Agnello #9 brad pitt #10 Micheal Gondolfi
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