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  1. Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. wth u banned too?

  3. Oh hahaha I thought she ment Sasha Pivovarova :P I am to tired for this hahah

  4. Oh, definitely not! hahaha... Sasha Fierce is Beyonce's alter ego, stage alter ego...

    U know when she performs on stage singing the fast songs and shaking her booty? that's sasha fierce, the one with a lot of energy..

    while the personality that sings the slower songs and heartwrenching ballads is beyonce, herself. ;)

  5. Honey I have a question is that I am Sasha fierce name on Beyonce's album after Sasha Pivovarova fierce?


  6. Hey honey, yes love is complicated but you should always remember that love is amazing too. Iwill be back on here soon.

    Love you


  7. *Love is so confusing* I'm so sorry Jo, for everything...I hope you'll cope with every bad thing, and that New Year will give you answers to all your problems... Love you, darling.

  8. Thanks Layla for nominating my 3 models (sorry I don't have the time to fix pic of them but I hope Layla is taking care of that for now.) I will probably be back on here soon. Take care you all until next time.
  9. Thanks it means a lot. I love you,

    xoxo your Joline.

  10. Ok, Jo! U know, my thoughts and support will always be with you. :)

    as you usher into the new, i hope that you will not be confused but more happiness that will overcome your worries..

    you are one of the strongest person i know, for all the things you've done and been through..

    love, ire.

  11. Hey honey, I will be away from here a while more cause I still have stuff I need to take care off, but don't worry I am fine otherwise I will let you know.

    xoxo I miss ya my sunshine!

  12. Hey you :) Yes I am still fixing stuff in my life and I will need some more time off from here but i am better now, Happy new year and I will talk to you soon again.


  13. Joline, Qome baQ...!

    Wishing you all the best this season


    We'll be here for you, we got ya back.

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