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  1. I'm here!!!! How are you? Whats new?

  2. hey sandy :) how are you? how is everything? just wanted to say hi :)

  3. so awesome!!! I'm very happy for you :) Again... congratulations.

  4. you look adorable with isabeli Congratulations on meeting your idol :) where did you meet her?

  5. OMG no way!!! that is so awesome!!! I am so jealous :) So tell me about it, do you have pictures? where did you meet? PM me if you have time



  6. How is milanos most beautiful girl doing? :) I send you lots of love from the states.

  7. mmm very nice good work francy
  8. Yeah I really miss that as well ;) you are so funny... We should definitely plan a date ahahah anyways... so whats new? anything crazy or strange happen lately?


  9. I actually have been enjoying this cold weather, the other day it was hot again, and I couldn't stand it :( I wish there was 60 weather every day, that way it feels like air conditioning :)... Well g2g take care cool dude


  10. hey there boss ;)

    how are things? Hopefully everything is well...kisses

  11. Hey joe!!

    Its really nice hearing from you :) yeah I've been really busy lately with work and all, so I haven't really had any time to even sit down and go online. So whats going on with you? whats new?

    Take it easy

  12. Hey my friend just wanted to say HI!!!! How are you? Is everything ok? I love that new picture of isabeli you have in your profile, AMAZING!!! :)

    Big Hug


  13. Congratulations!!! You have to be the sweetest most beautiful girl I've ever met online really it has been a real pleasure getting to know you, as well as your love for isabeli. ISABELI wouldn't be known on this forum if it wasn't for your awesome contribution. All I can say is thank you, and thank you for opening my eyes to the world of fashion....
  14. love you my friend :) :) :)


    miss u

  15. happy valentines day to you too sweet heart :)


  16. hey there kristi

    Sure no problem, let me know when this issue is resolved. I myself am not able to view my previous messages. Love and kisses.

  17. Hey there sweetie :) how are you? Just dropping by to say hi

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