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  1. OMG! are you alright? What happened? I hope its nothing too serious.


  2. its quite alright... I just wanted to say hit to you ;)... So how are things going?

  3. How are you my sweet friend? How is life treating you these past days? Did you solve that problem you had at work?



  4. How are you feeling?


  5. HELEN!!! How are you doing my lady :) How is school, life, family???

    I hope you are well.


  6. :) dont worry soon I willl be calling you Ms pomodoro.

  7. I'm so glad :). Yes its very hot over here, its kind of hard to breath sometimes with all this heat. The only thing I like about it the hot weather is that I can get myself a nice tan.

  8. Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How are you?

  9. It was a nice talking to you too. Here if you need me.

  10. I always vote for my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. OMG! That's terrible! What happened? I'm so sorry about that :( there's nothing worse than an accident.

  12. No doubt!!!! How are you girl? How are things going?

  13. Stopping by to say hi to the girl with the prettiest smile


  14. Hey you!!! I'm good... I've been working so I really haven't had much time to sit on my computer. Very thoughtful of you to remember me :) your so sweet. How are you? whats new?

  15. miss you friend :)

  16. Big HUG!!!


  17. So how have you been? Judging by the comments, you've been on vacation right?

    Nice hearing from you

  18. She looks amazing! OMG its been so long since I last posted
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